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All Industries

Elevating efficiency and security across All Industries with Simplifai  Revolutionizing productivity and compliance: Simplifai Brings AI-powered excellence to every industry.  Innovating All Industries with simple, accessible, and versatile AI solutions A successful adoption of automation and digital transformation solutions from Simplifai will be the key driver to our organisational effectiveness and the continuity for business...

Public Sector

Accelerating digitalization within public sector Discover a new era of governance as Simplifai accelerates digitalization in the public sector. As the demand for efficient and citizen-centric services continues to rise, Simplifai steps in as a catalyst for change. With our comprehensive suite of solutions, we empower public sector entities to embrace the digital era and revolutionize...


Build an efficient and secure process with Simplifai  Out of the box integration with your existing systems  

Banking and Finance

Build an efficient and secure process with Simplifai Out of the box integration with your existing systems  


Account Servicing

Document Processing

Transforming Document Handling with Simplifai’s AI-powered solutions  Simplifai’s AI solutions leverage the ability to analyze and interpret free-text information for swift and efficient Document Processing.  Out of the box integration with your existing systems 

Debt Collection