finds a perfect match in Simplifai

Simplifai AS has won a breakthrough contract in the high-potential Indian market, landing one of India’s best-known Internet brands as its first customer in the country.

Simplifai has signed a contract to deliver its AI technology to The deal with holds immense value for Simplifai as it expands globally and specifically in the Indian market. being a global brand and the world’s no. 1 matchmaking & marriage services, have huge volumes of business with the potential to keep on growing in the future.

“To get one of India’s best-known Internet brands as our first Indian customer is a major milestone for us. It demonstrates the strength of our technology and will be a cornerstone reference in our further rollout in South Asia. The market potential is enormous,”

says Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai., part of Anupam Mittal promoted People Group, is one of India’s best-known Internet brands & the world’s largest matrimonial service. The company was launched in 1996 and continues to be a leading company in the online matrimonial category. Its services have been used by over 30 million people globally and have helped 3.2 million people find their matches. has received much wide recognition and is amongst the world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies. receives 30,000 to 40,000 customer inquiries per month. The company wants to improve and automate its processes, and the Simplifai AI technology will help handle the millions of inquiries the company receives every year. Simplifai’s Digital Employee technology can understand all types of free text communications, analyze and process large amounts of data to perform intelligent actions based on this information. The AI technology will help Shaadi achieve significant gains in the quality and efficiency of the company’s customer experience.

Simplifai was selected in strong competition with several other global suppliers of AI solutions to provide its services to is impressed with Simplifai’s Digital Employee Technology, which matches their requirement with an added plus of Freshdesk integration. will pay Simplifai an undisclosed fixed monthly fee to deliver its AI-driven solution. The initial contract is for an 18 month period and contains options for further expansions.

“Winning this contract ahead of other recognized brands demonstrates the commercial competitiveness of Simplifai and their leading position technologically. We look forward to applying this unique AI competence across industries,”

says Kjersti Kanne, CEO of ELOP