Simplifai to develop digital lawyer solution with Claims Link and HDI Global Specialty

Simplifai will together with the independent claims handling company Claims Link and insurance company HDI Global Specialty start developing an advanced AI tool to automate complex proceedings for the insurance industry. The project has recently received funding from Innovation Norway and the project starts shortly.  

Streamlining complex procedures 

Simplifai, Claims Link AS, and HDI Global Specialty SE will develop a “Digital Lawyer” for the insurance industry. The goal for “Digital Lawyer” is to automatically assess new cases against historical ones and, based on this, prepare a reasoned proposal for a conclusion on the new case. 

Creating value where it earlier has not been possible to automate

In insurance, Simplifai’s existing “Digital Employee” can receive inquiries via email or through a portal with a description of new claims from end customers. It can check whether documentation demands and other requirements for creating a case are met, and then register the case in a litigation system for further assessment by a claims case officer or a lawyer.

Digital Lawyer aims to automate the next steps of the case handling process, relieving lawyers from the tedious work of searching case databases looking for established precedence. The lawyers would instead be able to make an assessment of which proposed conclusion should be chosen. In addition, Digital Lawyer can also partially automate archiving.

“The project will give HDI Global Specialty and Claims Link strategic advantages through process efficiency and increased quality of service. The project will also result in a significant reduction in the use of paper, in line with the companies’ environmental goals. For Simplifai, the project will facilitate the capture of a large share of the market for automation of complex case management internationally and protect that position over time,”

says Bård Myrstad, VP of Simplifai 

“We are very enthusiastic to be participating in this exciting project. We have high expectations that a digital lawyer will be able to make our case processing easier and more efficient,”

says Mads Andersen, Head of Business Development, Claims Link. 


«For HDI Global Specialty the Digital Lawyer will add value to our end customers through shorter response time as well as a simpler claims process,”

says Gustaf Mandorf, Digital & Insurtech Coordinator at HDI Global Specialty SE. 


Useful for many sectors 

The solution that is developed is sector-independent and the technology can be easily transferred to other industries. For Simplifai, the project will realize functionality that will open new, complex work processes for automation. “We consider this to be a strategically important project for Simplifai which, if successful, will provide a new significant competitive advantage and further strengthen our intelligent process automation offering for business processes where email and documents are central,”

Myrstad says. 


Need an AI solution for your insurance processes?

Claimslink, one of our customers from Insurance industry handle 80% of inquiries automatically through our Digital employee solution.

Funding received from Innovation Norway 

The advanced AI project has been granted the support of NOK 3.9 million from Innovation Norway for the development of the Digital Lawyer. 


“Innovation Norway has been an important benefactor since the start-up of Simplifai in 2017. By supporting the development of “Digital Lawyer”, Innovation Norway contributes to bringing our digital employees from conducting routine tasks to being able to work with complex assignments,”

concludes Myrstad.