Simplifai Reaches New Shores with Larger Workforce and a Focus on Global Expansion

A Dream Begins to Transform AI solutions for Businesses.

Many think that every innovation in the world of technology starts with a good idea. But, more than developing a concept, innovation requires a problem. A few years ago, two visionaries – Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung identified a key problem that most businesses faced – the dearth of solutions that could automate a bulk-load of day-to-day work processes. Carrying a strong belief to create a stable system that could handle repetitive tasks and bring improvements to people’s jobs, Bård and Erik founded Simplifai AS in 2017. And with this belief in mind, what started as a modest company has now expanded at a healthy pace across the globe.

Formed as an Artificial Intelligence solutions company, Simplifai has its headquarters situated in Oslo, Norway. Soon after it was founded, Simplifai set up its first two offshore offices – one each in Pune, India, and Kyiv, Ukraine. And thus began the company’s growth in other regions. Team strength at all three offices has been growing at a brisk pace as Simplifai continues to develop more products and solutions.

A Burgeoning Client and Partner Base

Today, Simplifai has entered regions such as Singapore and the Middle East with new strategic partnerships and clientele. We signed up a contract with Nevigate in Singapore to handle customer service inquiries and incident reports with email automation. In the Middle East, the AI solutions vendor has signed up a strategic partnership with VAD technologies who will promote our services in the region through their channel partners. Prior to these significant signups, Simplifai had expanded onto the retail market through a contract with the Brandsdal Group. The work will involve heavy-duty processing of thousands of emails received from the online retail giant. We have also started our sales unit in the Netherlands under Kyrre Garseth who oversees the BeNeLux region.

Improving Innovation with Higher Employee Force

With every step taken towards regional growth and increasing clientele, we also imparted a substantial focus on increasing our work strength. From only a handful of employees in 2017, we have grown our employee base to more than a hundred, spread across Norway, India, and Ukraine.

We have also focused on hiring employees having a huge experience at the executive level – key recent hires include Lina Therese Jørgensen as Head of Global Delivery, Stian Hovda Bergersen as Head of Sales, and Henrik T. Klemetsen as Head of Global Partnerships. Several new hires at the mid-seniority and junior levels were also made since the past once a year in teams that involve sales, marketing, product management, delivery, and business analysis activities.

The Way Ahead

Looking back at the progress made by Simplifai, we are proud to announce the establishment of two new offices – one each in Norway and India. Following the strategic teaming-up with Elop – a technology company from Norway, Simplifai plans to continue its expansion to other countries. With new regions on the horizon such as Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, we are confident that our solutions will soon make a global presence.