Simplifai enters a strategic partnership with healthcare solution provider Avans Soma AS

Simplifai has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the healthcare solution provider Avans Soma AS making them capable of using AI directly in their patient-related solutions.

Avans Soma AS has its headquarters in Dale in Sunnfjord, Norway, with offices also in Bergen and Oslo. The company’s majority owner is Carasent ASA, whose strategy is to develop and expand digitalization for customers, by offering them efficient and quality insured health services.

Avans Soma AS delivers digital healthcare solutions and tools in the Norwegian market in the segments of social care, specialized rehabilitation, work rehabilitation, mental health care, and substance abuse care. Their technology platform connects the customers and providers of healthcare services with the end-users, consequently fulfilling the need for secure data management.

As part of the agreement, Avans Soma AS will include Simplifai’s AI-driven systems in its offering to support fully automated processes. The need for high availability, secure and automated solutions are fulfilled with this integration.  

“We are very happy to get Simplifai’s solutions easily available in our platform. Documentation requirements in healthcare solutions including strict security measures are of high importance. Hence, Simplifai’s AI-driven technologies, which help our clients to automate these processes, could play an important role in automating and optimizing an area where volume is the game-changer,” says Avans Soma AS Department Manager Magnar Høyvik. “Firstly, the partnership will be tried out in Norway through Avans Soma AS. However, if the partnership with Simplifai AS is successful, there will be an extension of the partnership to other companies owned by Carasent ASA.”

Health Care solutions

“Our joint work with the customer Fretex and their need of high security for their document and communication processes has really made a good ground for future collaboration with Avans Soma. We are very pleased to sign the partnership agreement with Avans Soma and it supports Simplifai’s strategy to grow revenues in the healthcare sector,” says Bård Myrstad, CEO Simplifai.