Email automation using Emailbot – the next big thing in customer support and other domains for your business

Emails are one of the most reliable, dependable, and frequently used modes of communication for business activities today. In the customer service department, emails have been utilized extensively for meeting customer queries and their responses sent for facilitating correspondence. Steady progress is now being achieved in this domain of corporate communications, thus giving rise to new solutions that involve using Emailbot for email automation.

Why does your business require email automation?

Most businesses prefer email communication to be a fast means of contacting customers without directly speaking to them. Despite such fast email communications being commonly used, a report by Gartner portrays the story to be massively different. As per the report, a team of researchers surveyed more than 6000 customers, revealing that only 13% of customers who asked for specific services received proactive customer service. Thus, despite email being a conventionally fast mode of business communications, why are customers still not getting smooth service from organizations? This indicates that no matter how reliable conventional email communication can be, it still requires manual intervention and consistency to be efficient over a long-time frame.

This brings us to consider that what if email automation was a key answer to eliminate the tedious task of replying to hundreds and thousands of emails every day? And what better than using the AI-powered Emailbot for meeting customer requirements with utmost ease, consequently converting them into instantly deliverable responses and timely services.

Emailbot for email automation

Email automation using Emailbot is certainly a driving force behind managing the customer service department for businesses. It also carries enough scope for use in other departments as well, in the same business organizations. Another Gartner Report states that “Using RPA to automate high-volume low-effort human tasks in email management and pairing this with the deployment of automation will help reduce organizational costs, further improving employee and customer experience.”

Emailbot is a tool for automatically handling large numbers of incoming emails. It reduces time spent on manually processing emails, significantly decreases response time from days to minutes, or even seconds, and improves the quality of work and customer satisfaction. Emailbot allows businesses to process up to 90% of incoming emails automatically. Powered by AI, it interprets the content and executes tasks in your systems, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Emailbot is a crucial means to achieve email automation that can enable customer service departments to respond quickly to support requests and tickets sent by email. With the Simplifai Emailbot, companies can reduce support costs, improve the customer experience and build long-term customer relationships.

According to Gartner, customer support emails astonishingly cost an average of $8.01 per customer connection if handled by humans. By automating even 50% of their total number of emails received, a company could enjoy remarkable savings.

How email automation works with Emailbot

The Emailbot utilizes AI to interpret the content of emails and perform actions based on information received. It classifies the email type and can forward, reply, and keep all your business emails organized and filtered. Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the Emailbot interprets the content in emails before executing tasks accordingly. It learns over time and improves its accuracy through training.

With one-key API/RPA, the bot can be integrated with different kinds of third-party CRM and other back-office systems. By offering such out-of-the-box integrations, Emailbot is quick and easy to implement and does not require any coding knowledge to be configured in our Simplifai Studio.

What Simplifai Emailbot can do for your business

Bringing AI into your workforce can help your organization dramatically reduce the email response time required to resolve the endless stream of customer inquiries. By adopting Emailbot, customer service emails that have the potential to become a bunch of highly repetitive tasks can be easily taken care of, thus enabling companies to scale up to thousands of responses per minute and maybe even beyond that limit. The use of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) for handling email correspondence is expected to accelerate in 2021. IPA can be used extensively to manage the flow of customer service emails using our AI-powered solutions such as Emailbot.

Excited to adopt email automation with an Emailbot?

Simplifai has come up with an all-in-one AI platform accessible for businesses to configure Emailbot as well as other bots and the Digital Employee. You can automate emails and train the Emailbot in the Simplifai Studio without requiring any technical skills or knowledge of coding. The platform is easy to use and offers immense flexibility in terms of configuration and implementation of AI solutions for myriad purposes.

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