Making AI simple and accessible for all using Simplifai AI Automation Platform

We provide a best-in-class, secure Platform that makes your employees more human 

Simplifai AI Automation Platform

The Simplifai AI Automation Platform is designed to give natural language flows that are quick, concise, and accurate to streamline your daily business operations.

The Platform imparts businesses with the power of additional head counts, works round-the-clock, and simplifies work operations for: 

  • Increased employee satisfaction 
  • Higher employee retention 
  • Enhanced customer experience 
  • Improved company performance

Platform with full control 

The Simplifai AI Automation Platform can be controlled and operated by businesses that have adopted our AI solutions. Our team provides extensive training to use the Platform and fulfil your automation needs. 

The training is provided to team members in your business and includes configuring the AI solutions and setting up parameters to control specific cases. We ensure that no communications with your end customers occur from our side without your approval. 

Powerful Natural Language Processing engine

The Platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ensure that the conversation is moved through to a meaningful conclusion.

Natural language reading and generation  

Document reading and processing

Answering commonly asked questions

Grammatical error corrections and more

Emails, Documents, and Chats

The product modules configured inside the Automation Platform can extract free-text data from emails, documents (including attachments), and chats to interact with your end-customers to provide quick, concise, and accurate answers to their inquiries. 

Streamlined training and configuration  

Train the product modules configured within the platform via tagging key words, phrases, and intentions behind the customer communications. Set up rules and action flows as per business requirements. 

The platform learns over time too, meaning it gets better and better with each training cycle. We provide guidance to businesses to repeatedly train the Platform’s modules, along with continuous support from our end. 

  • No coding and technical knowledge needed 
  • Only a few samples required 
  • Drag & drop functionality 
  • Quick and easy to implement

Derive amazing business values from our Dashboards 

Avail three types of Dashboards that are critical for deriving successful output from the Platform. Take advantage of our unique Dashboards to measure, adjust, improve, and streamline the performance of the AI solutions. 

  • Gain more accuracy and efficiency in process automation by modifying bot actions.  
  • Identify a rise or drop in bot’s performance with real-time tracking and valuable insights 
  • Take advantage of customer insights to give yourself a competitive edge  
  • Base your business decisions on the KPIs obtained from customer inquiries.  
  • Train AI solutions to improve their capabilities over time for optimal process efficiency. 

Simplifai InsuranceGPT

Harness the power of Generative AI by adopting InsuranceGPT for your business. Simplifai Insurance GPT is custom-built GPT program, fueled by the revolutionary no-code AI-powered platform. Being a first-of-a-kind custom, cloud-based, secure private Software-as-a-Service LLM-trained GPT solution can transform the insurance industry. 

Join the Simplifai Reference Programme for advanced AI powered by GPT today. 

  • Performance oriented- Ensure quick, concise, and accurate responses in line with customer requirements. 
  • Integrate with existing ecosystems – Platform based, plugs into third-party services and industry platforms for claims management.
  • Vigilant and Security compliant – Maintain control of all major laws and regulations to protect customer data.
  • Streamline operations without coding –Simplifai no-coding AI Automation Platform for easy implementation.

We adhere to the best-in-class data privacy and security protocols 

We offer state-of-the-art, GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant AI solutions. We respect user’s privacy and prioritize data protection right from design to development following the Secured Software Development Cycle (SSDLC) approach. Our transparent, enterprise-ready AI solutions empowers customers with data control and clear usage purposes.  

Out of the box integration with your existing systems 

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