5. December 2022
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  • Simplifai’s journey across 2022 – An end-of-year reflection

    The year that was – 2022. Another eventful year comes to a close, as Simplifai rides high on getting numerous achievements and breakthroughs in 2022.

    The year that was – 2022

    Another eventful year comes to a close, as Simplifai rides high on getting numerous achievements and breakthroughs in 2022.

    We recently turned five years, and to me, it already feels like a decade or more has passed. This indeed is a major milestone for us, and we are proud of how far we have come with maturing our AI solutions. Seeing how our solutions have made a difference on a day-to-day basis in society gives me satisfaction beyond anything.

    For me, 2022 was about using AI for making my day-to-day work processes better and replicating the same notion through our solutions for the end customers. 2022 was the first time I used AI to write a blog post and the first time I created images for a PowerPoint presentation. Be it images, blogs, or content; I used various AI applications to make my life easier. However, AI for the betterment of humanity need not stop only at a personal level; this led me to apply the same philosophy at Simplifai.

    2022 – the year of ‘AI for Hybrid Team’

    Last year, I talked about how 2021 was the ‘Year of the Digital Employee’ – where Simplifai enjoyed significant adoption growth within the BFSI and Public Sector with our Intelligent Process Automation solutions. And 2022 was no different as we leveraged the same growth and continued on that basis. However, 2022 is going to be about ‘AI for the Hybrid Team’ – a year that enabled human employees as well as AI employees to work together like they were always meant to.

    Just like how I applied AI on a personal level, this year was all about leveraging AI to improve the performance of different departments and teams for businesses. Digital employees and their human colleagues each have different strengths and weaknesses, and only when combining the two would enable organizations to achieve an optimized way of working efficiently.

    Imagine yourself as a leader in customer service or a director of operations in a mid-size financial institution in Europe that needs to answer thousands of customer inquiries each week, and they do not come evenly distributed. Like most businesses, inquiries come in waves, and there are often peak seasons. Staffing the right number of employees has always been a challenge. In addition, there are sickness-based and unforeseen circumstances that are unpredictable (pandemic, war, etc.) that could reduce the available staff by half overnight. Having a Digital Employee team to work side-by-side could smoothen out the peaks and cover for the days of the understaffed.

    Looking at what we do in Simplifai, our digital employees that coexist with their human colleagues will be the next logical step in AI evolution. Each can leverage their respective strengths and cover the other’s weaknesses. The result I saw in 2022 was nothing short of providing crucial business benefits and values for happy employees and end customers.

    I’m utmost happy to see this vision start to take place gradually and eventually be visible with a strong distinctiveness in 2022 when we begin to see the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI for long-term durations.

    Other Achievements for Simplifai in 2022 

    I’m super happy about the large strides we took in receiving the International Organization for Standardization certification (ISO/IEC 27001:2013). We have also received guidance from government organizations about implementing best practices of AI through our solutions by abiding with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In Europe, we have enjoyed great market penetration in the Public Sector through organizations such as the National Archives of Norway (Arkivverket), Sarpsborg Kommune, Ålesund Kommune, among others. 

    Key deals that we closed in 2022 worth mentioning are Van Ameyde, Eika Insurance, NH1816, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Sparebank1 SR Bank, Landkreditt Bank, and Home First Finance Company. It also was a great year in terms of closing valuable partnership deals with renowned names such as Contemi, Kulant, and Van Ameyde in the Netherlands and Germany. Overall, I’m highly excited about Simplifai reaching new regions such as BeNeLux, Germany, DACH region, and Southeast Europe, and the industry expansions in these regions as well as Asia too. 

    Thoughts for 2023  

    Going on to the next year, I think that what we could see is an omnichannel way of adopting AI within an organization. It’s not about whether we need a chatbot or an email bot; rather we need them both.  We will see chats being processed by chatbots, email being processed by email bots, and phones being processed by voice bots. Organizations will leverage the strength of each of the AI solutions to cover the specific needs instead of forcing a one size fits all AI solution that does everything half good.

    I bring my reflection to a close on this note as we hurtle toward the next year in a few weeks’ time. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as I continue my journey in Artificial Intelligence and learn more and more marvelous facets about this beautiful technology.

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