30. June 2022
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    This blog covers some of the prime ways of business automation by which your business can follow good customer engagement practices and overall contribute to a good customer experience.

    Acclaimed writer Steve Cannon once said, “Customer experience better be at the top of your list when it comes to priorities in your organization. Customer experience is the new marketing.” Providing excellent customer experience needs to be a crucial priority for every business and is an important aspect at the end of the sales cycle and post-sales processes. There are several ways to improve customer experience. In today’s digital world, enhancing customer engagement with business automation is the most preferred way for the same. 

    Process automation for businesses, simply called business automation is automating complex and repetitive business processes using a particular technology to achieve significant digital transformation and improve customer service quality. Businesses can gain immense benefits from adopting this type of automation, scale up faster, achieve simplification of operations, and ultimately contribute to a better customer experience. 

    Customers are the heart of every business and should be the core area of focus for businesses. High customer satisfaction brings more sales opportunities and improves the brand value of a business. This blog covers some of the prime ways of business automation by which your business can follow good customer engagement practices and overall contribute to a good customer experience.

    What do customers want?  

    Before going into the details about customer engagement, it is important to understand what the customers belonging to a business want. These needs can then define the areas that the business requires to automate for better customer engagement. 

    • The smooth functioning of their products and services 
    • 24/7 chat and call communication systems 
    • Access to material that resolves simple inquiries
    • Quick email replies and forwards
    • Efficient ticket handling with quick resolution
    • Real-time updates and interactive platforms 

    Enhance customer engagement with business automation

    These solutions can be powered with AI and essentially engage with your customers with minimal human supervision. They are capable of providing Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) for your business. IPA is a collective term for business automation processes that can holistically automate a range of daily, repetitive tasks, thus saving time and effort for human employees. In case of complex and sensitive customer requests and communications that might require a human to speak with, the automation solutions can immediately forward the relevant case to humans. 

    Email and document automation 

    In current times, running business operations at an optimal cost and keeping customers happy are interrelated actions to bring efficiency to the workplace. And using business automation to achieve this is exactly what many organizations are turning towards. 

    The trend of using AI-driven bot solutions for emails and documents is catching up fast. These bots can understand the context and intention of the language in an email and detect attached documents using Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP facilitates understanding of communication between humans and machines and can process a large volume of documents in a single instance.

    Based on the interpretation of the text, these automation solutions can automatically take appropriate decisions and undertake different actions for the customer who has sent the email. Some of these actions include replying, forwarding emails to stakeholders, requesting additional documentation, answering common queries, and so on. 

    In a similar manner, there are some business automation solutions for improving customer experience that solely focuses on Intelligence Document Processing (IDP). It is powered by Natural Language Processing and Optical Character Recognition to identify key information and phrases in structured as well as unstructured documents with free-text.  Furthermore, the same actions can be undertaken as described above for email automation, including document archival. 

    There are different types of email and document automation solutions now available that can be integrated with external/third-party email and web portals, and also with CRMs using API/RPA. 

    Digital assistant-based automation solutions 

    Most customer service and customer engagement practices are repetitive in nature and possess similarities in their structure. Many companies now provide digital automation solutions designed in the form of digital avatars that can guide customers through proper channels and resolve their queries and issues. 

    For example, your business can deploy a customer service agent avatar to interact in real-time with customers, understand their inquiries, analyze and understand, extract relevant info, categorize the inquiry, make decisions, and take suitable actions, all within a few seconds. Just as with email and document automation, these avatars can be powered by Artificial Intelligence that helps automate a large majority of customer engagements. 

    Low-code and no-code automation platforms customer communications 

    Many automation platforms today operate on the principles of low-code, no-code automation, which enable the configuration of automation solutions without writing a single line of code. This can help save time and effort, which can instead be used by human employees to tackle complex customer cases and to build healthier relationships with customers. 

    Businesses often need a central resource available for configuring and monitoring the performance of the above-described solutions. Features such as Performance Dashboard, customization of business processes, and personalized design of solutions, are some of the key features of these automation platforms. Businesses can use them to monitor customer communications, and ultimately bring efficiency to customer engagement activities as an additional support system. 

    Conclusion – Intelligence Process Automation for Automating all your customer needs 

    Be it email and document processing, or a holistic digital avatar-based customer-facing solution, your business ideally requires a collective group of automation processes in the form of Intelligence Process Automation (IPA). IPA can enable end-to-end automation at both the front-end and back-end that covers customer engagement activities. With IPA, handling repetitive tasks that include resolving customer queries and carrying out effective communications with them becomes much easier. Streamlining customer engagement can thus lead to enhanced customer experience, better visibility, and recognition for your business brand.

    About Simplifai

    Simplifai is an AI solutions company that provides end-to-end automation for businesses with our prime solution – Digital Employees. The Digital Employees comprise individual product modules, chiefly – EmailbotDocumentbot, and Chatbot. Together with the decision engine and rules engine, they can be used to streamline customer-facing operations for a business.

    Automated replies and forward to customers, answering their queries, resolving customer grievances, resolving ticketing processes, and providing 24/7 communication are some of the key actions performed by our Digital Employees designed for enhanced customer engagement.

    Want to know more about some of our customer-centric Digital Employees such as Carl, the customer service agent, and Emma, the email coordinator?

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