14. July 2022
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  • Tackling the obstacle of unstructured text using AI-powered email automation

    Since email is a prime source of corporate communication, millions of bytes of unstructured data circulate all over the globe every day. It thus becomes imperative to use modern technology solutions to process complex datasets and derive meaningful output from them.

    Introduction – What is unstructured text or free-text? 

    Conventional automation technologies often find it difficult to read and interpret the unstructured text as it often deviates from a standard, dictionary-accurate language structure. Since email is a prime source of corporate communication, millions of bytes of unstructured data circulate all over the globe every day. It thus becomes imperative to use modern technology solutions to process complex datasets and derive meaningful output from them.

    The type of data that lacks a pre-defined, detailed structure and is not organized in a pre-defined manner is called unstructured data. Often, this data is user-generated information present in emails, documents, and chat messages. A few examples of corporate communication that has free text are bank documents, forms, and inquiries, financial material, insurance claims, insurance and legal notices, bills, invoices, HR documents, and architectural material.

    Given below is an example of free-text in an email request highlighted:

    Email automation powered by Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary way to handle free-text information in the business world. This blog talks about email automation using Emailbot – a next-gen AI automation technology that can save businesses time, cut operational costs, and scale up their growth.

    The challenge of unstructured text in emails for businesses 

    Many businesses receive thousands of emails on a daily or weekly basis. It is cumbersome to handle these documents manually, which can consume hundreds of man-hours and require extensive effort. Moreover, even if conventional automation tech is used for the same, it has a limited capability to read and interpret information present in a non-standard format.

    This shortcoming can lead to less accurate interpretation and processing of information gathered from unstructured email content, and further hampers daily tasks. Both the operational and customer experience domains are affected as this type of data does not allow companies to completely automate repetitive and monotonous tasks. 

    Automate email processing with Emailbot 

    The Simplifai Emailbot is an AI-powered solution that can handle a large volume of incoming emails containing unstructured data in the business work environment. Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the Emailbot interprets the content in emails and executes tasks accordingly. It learns over time and improves its accuracy through training.

    This AI solution helps businesses scale faster by decreasing the time taken for the manual processing of emails. The response time is reduced dramatically – from several days to minutes and even a few seconds. Email handling with this powered automation technology improves overall work productivity and work quality by ensuring that accurate actions are undertaken.

    Emailbot also helps businesses efficiently manage a sudden increase in email volumes. In this way, businesses can scale up their extent of email handling and process more emails in lesser time than earlier. Ultimately, an Emailbot enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring that quick, useful, and timely responses are sent to customers and relevant actions are undertaken to meet customer demands.

    Working process of email automation with Emailbot

    The Emailbot is trained to read and interpret a variety of content in emails, regardless of the content formats and the mixture of data present. It is trained by tagging using sample emails and working on our language engine based on Natural Language Understanding (NLU). 

    The training process requires using only a few samples. while interpreting the Emailbot solution extracts key data segments in the form of entities and identifies the intention of the content present in emails. The tagging process works by marking these entities and intents using color codes. These keywords, phrases, numbers, and other important text material are further subjected to interpretation.

    Equipped with a robust AI framework, the Emailbot can be trained to identify and interpret the correct intention expressed by an email. Using this interpretation and combined with the pre-set business rules, decision engine, and language engine, this solution can make specific decisions and take relevant actions while processing the emails.

    Some of these decisions lead to actions such as email classification, forwarding and replying to the emails and stakeholders, retrieving data, requesting missing information, updating third-party systems, and many more. In this way, up to 90% automation grade can be achieved by Emailbot AI solution for unstructured email handling. 

    Emailbot integration 

    End-to-end email automation using Emailbot is possible by integrating the product into external/third-party systems with the help of Application Programming Interface (API) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This AI solution can be seamlessly integrated with CRM and email systems, ticketing systems, sales and project management software, case management systems, and many others both on the front-end and back-end.

    Various integration options are outlined below for Emailbot:

    The integration procedure can be carried out throughout a one-stop cloud-based platform called Simplifai Studio, in which all our products and solutions can be configured and deployed. 


    The presence of unstructured data permeates nearly every business sector and market and hampers workflow across the entire chain of operations. Embracing the change brought in by Artificial Intelligence can remedy this challenge and open new doors of opportunities for businesses. 

    Bringing AI into a business workforce can help organizations dramatically decrease the response time to emails received from different domains such as customers, internal communication, clientele, service providers, and more. By adopting AI-driven email automation through Emailbot, many tasks that are highly repetitive in nature can be easily taken care of, thus enabling companies to scale up their operations. Employees can then devote more time to other tasks that are sensitive and non-repetitive. 

    About Simplifai

    Simplifai provides businesses with AI solutions for email automation and handling large email volumes daily. The Emailbot is one of our primary products that facilitates streamlined email processing by correct identification and interpretation of the text present in emails, and furthermore taking relevant decisions and actions based on pre-defined business rules. 

    The Emailbot can be clubbed with other modules such as Documentbot and Chatbot to form the Digital Employee AI solution. The Digital Employee can handle tasks in multiple work areas in a business environment and can be integrated with CRM, back-office, front-office, and other third-party systems using API/RPA.

    Want to know more about our Emailbot? Click the button below for more information: 

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