4. July 2022
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  • Simplifai and Contemi Solutions enters a partnership to bring new digital capabilities to the European and Asian Insurance sector

    Simplifai has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the insurance solution specialist Contemi Solutions. This will ensure Simplifai access to a new and untapped customer group and strengthen its presence in Asia.  

    As part of the agreement, Contemi Solutions will include Simplifai’s AI-driven systems in its offering to support its clients. This is for facilitating automation of receipt and management of e-mails and customer inquiries, including documents that need to be managed. Contemi’s SaaS platform for the insurance market offers no-code microservices for each stage of the insurance value chain, from product development and distribution to sales, marketing, customer service and engagement, underwriting & policy management to claims, and data management and reporting.  

    “Ecosystem enablement is an important element in the seamless experience the platform aims to deliver. Hence, we are continuously looking for value-adding services for our clients, and Simplifai easily stood out as a must-have partner for Contemi and our clients. The AI-driven Digital Employee from Simplifai combined with Seamless Flow, the microservice for workflow and automation in the platform, has huge potential for cost-saving, efficiency, and improved customer experience for our clients both in Europe and Asia”, says Daniel Thafvelin, Executive Director, Global Head of SaaS at Contemi.

    Aiming for growth in the insurance sector 

    Entering into the agreement with Contemi is part of Simplifai’s strategy to grow global revenues within the banking, financial services, and insurance industry.  

    “The banking and financial services sector, and especially insurance, is and has been an important focus area for us in Simplifai as we have been able to match their needs very well. We see that our solutions get better traction when used in processes where automation is of great need. Hence, Simplifai’s AI-driven technologies, which help our clients automate these processes, could play an important role in modernizing the customer dialogue processes”, says Bård Myrstad, CCO at Simplifai.  

    Contemi Solutions, founded in Norway and the UK and now headquartered in Singapore, is a trusted technology and business partner to the global financial industry, providing software and digital solutions for insurance, wealth management, capital markets, and wider financial services companies. 

    If any questions regarding this partnership, please contact:

    Henrik T. Klemetsen, Head of Global Partnerships at: henrik.klemetsen@simplifai.ai or +47 938 52 211

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