22. May 2023
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    Rebranding is a pivotal moment in a company’s journey and represents a renewed focus on its values, mission, and vision. We are thrilled to reveal our latest rebranding that reflects our vision of delivering AI in the form of simple, user-friendly, and accessible automation solutions for future work, today.


    AI-powered Automation Solutions for Today’s Workforce

    Our new brand identity aligns with our vision and makes a bold statement of being a leading provider of safe and compliant AI-powered solutions for businesses.

    To that end, here’s our overall journey and the ‘Why’ behind Simplifai’s decision to get rebranded after half a decade of bringing digital transformation using AI to businesses around the world.

    From vision to reality: Simplifai’s birth and mission

    Simplifai started in 2017 in Oslo, Norway when the applications of Artificial Intelligence for streamlining business operations had just started to pick up steam. Our founders, Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung were aware of the problems caused by the lack of qualified labor. They believed in the need to utilize human resources differently by freeing up capacity using process automation. However, conventional automation techniques that used coding had many limitations. To overcome them, there was a need for simple solutions powered by AI that could exist as accessible offerings with the capability of integration with different systems.


    Considering these limitations, our founders created a way to provide AI solutions in the form of Intelligent Process Automation that simplifies the way people work. With this mission as a foundation stone, coupled with our vision of bringing the future to today’s workforce, Simplifai was born. 

    Shifting perceptions: changing the way businesses view AI 

    Early in the new branding process, Simplifai was identified as belonging to the Archetype of Pioneers. This helped us define and focus on our significance as a leader in the AI industry. Our new branding represents our core business activities, which is to provide businesses with AI-powered solutions to streamline operations.

    Leading provider of AI-powered solutions for businesses_Simplifai

    When we started out, few businesses held the belief and trust in AI and how this technology could help the industries they were in. Even though Artificial Intelligence solutions had indeed started to penetrate various markets, the growth was sluggish and fluctuated. Many businesses hesitated to adopt for a variety of reasons such as data privacy compliance issues, integration with existing architecture, and high costs. 

    However, our founders instilled the same sense of encouragement in the company and changed the notion that businesses had about AI. They identified the trend of early AI adopters and how they could derive immense value-generation and ROIs for businesses on a short-term as well as a long-term basis. 

    The power of simplicity: Simplifai’s brand identity 

    We chose to be different by providing AI solutions that could be used in a simple way, be accessible, and be easily available to the masses. Our new branding is a testament to what Simplifai stands for – simplicity, clarity, reliability, and compliance – a go-to company for businesses to automate text-based work processes. And this expression of user-friendliness and quick implementation is highly evident through the simplistic, clean look and feel that we have maintained in our new branding – something that defines our uniqueness in a horde of competition. 

    Simplifai solutions_end-to-end automation

    Secondly, a key USP of Simplifai is the capability of combining different product modules such as Email Processing, Document Processing, and Chat Processing together to provide end-to-end automation. This is a huge necessity in today’s business world wherein organizations cannot depend on individual, siloed operations, and instead need to streamline a vast chain of processes in a single run. 

    Over the past few years, this need of customers for solutions that can provide end-to-end capabilities has grown, and we at Simplifai have positioned ourselves perfectly in the AI industry to fulfill it. With our new branding, we focus on solutions that our clients have come to love. Check them out below:

    Simplifai old logo to Simplifai new logo_Transition

    Future Work Today: Simplifai’s New Tagline 

    With our new rebranding, we also have a new tagline in place – “Future work today”.

    This tagline encapsulates the thought process of our AI offerings changing the future of work by enabling businesses to provide faster, better, and more efficient services.

    Simplifai Slogan_Future work today

    Key facets of our new tagline are:


    Simplifai’s AI solutions are extremely simple to use, easy to create, and do not require any high-end technical knowledge. In the future, work processes will be much simpler, and we strive to bring the same notion through our AI solutions to businesses. This aim is a result of the lack of quality labor today that affects market demand, thus creating a need to optimize organizational performance and increase value creation through simple processes.


    As we keep expanding towards newer horizons across the Nordics, Europe, India, and South-East Asia we continue to push boundaries of achievements to speed up the processing of written human communications. Our solutions are not only industry-agnostic but also easily available via the Simplifai AI Automation Platform. We believe that AI availability should be democratized – be available to everyone on the planet.


    Our solutions can be quickly and easily implemented in the existing systems with 24/7 availability for support for training, availability, and insights. We make AI-powered operational efficiency and performance available for all industries with the belief that these aspects should be an integral part of every organization, regardless of the industry or market. 

    With time, our AI solutions have evolved – becoming upgraded, more flexible, and innovative to provide an enhanced experience to our clients. And while this evolution is inevitable and necessary, we maintain our beliefs about our company values, ideology, and quality delivery. We remain compliant with global standards of data protection and information security. 

    Simplifai has always been committed to excellent customer service, and this is reflected in its brand trust and transparency. The fact that our first customer is still working with us today is a testament to our dedication to providing reliable and sustainable solutions. 

    Visualizing the Brand: Simplifai’s New Logo, Colors, and Typography

    Simplifai’s rebranding is also reflected strongly through visual representations. This representation includes our new logo, color palette, typography, and tone of voice.

    Our new color palette reflects the company’s commitment to simplicity, readability, and clarity, and is a strong and bold part of our identity. The core color is white followed by two other dominant colors – floral purple and purple for clarity, quick readability, simplicity, and a professional look.

    The new logo captures the essence of the Simplifai brand and derives the symbol as a wordmark of Simplifai. The symbol is a stylized ‘S’ rotated 90 degrees and symbolizes automated processing from multiple inputs to multiple outputs.

    For the typography, our display font for headings and titles is Grennete which represents playfulness, warmth, and humanity. We also use ABC Diatype as our main font in most settings and for longer text.

    Lastly, our tone of voice is the use of clarifying, distinct, and compelling words. The brand tone of voice is a play of words and concepts that consist of a certain type of wit and playfulness.

    Beyond a New Look: Simplifai’s Rebranding for a Transformed Future

    In conclusion, Simplifai’s rebranding is more than just a new logo or color scheme. It represents a renewed focus on the company’s values, mission, and vision. Simplifai’s commitment to providing simple, accessible, and easily available solutions that will revolutionize the way businesses operate is at the core of its rebranding. As a pioneer in the AI industry, Simplifai is leading the way toward a more automated and efficient future for businesses worldwide.