Cutting-edge, value-driven, ground-breaking

Cutting-edge, value-driven, ground-breaking

Enhance your customer service with superfast AI-fuelled document handling by processing unstructured data.

Process large volumes of documents within minutes

using our AI-powered solution for document handling

  • Reads and interprets document text & classifies documents
  • Extracts relevant data & identifies customer intentions
  • Extracts relevant data & identifies customer intentions
  • Requests missing information from stakeholders
  • Updates information and archives documents in external systems

Unlock the next level of business transformation with our Document Processing Module 

End-to-end automation

Identify key data & phrases, classify documents, extract information, forward to stakeholders, and keep back-end systems updated.

Best-in-class compliance

Our solution is compliant with data security practices such as GDPR & ISO to protect customer data.

Humanize your responses

Read, interpret, & analyse complex, unstructured data or free-text communication using our powerful document processing solution.

Fully integrated solution

Provide end-to-end automation in combination with email & chat processing modules by easily integrating with existing systems.

Optimize operational expenditures

Automate processing of documents and save costs by reducing use of manual resources without upstaffing.

Handle various document types

Process different document types, such as Microsoft Word, PDF, text and more, from email attachments, uploads,
folders, and archives.

Enhanced process efficiency

No coding required

Improved response time

Implement in weeks

Paving the way for seamless claims journey

In-depth processing with Page-wise Classification

Our Document Processing Solution can classify and process each individual page inside a document containing multiple pages.

  • Interpret text in pages having different formats with a single solution
  • Split a document into individual pages while extracting information
  • Merge pages of the same type and send them to the action flow
  • Carry out various business decisions based on diversity in page types

Improved customer satisfaction rate by more than 25%

Nh1816 is a leader in the Dutch insurance sector with more than 160 employees and 800 local advisors. With a focus on personalized insurance service, it caters to more than 500,000 customers and 2 million insurance contracts.

With our AI solution, the company was able to:

  • 25% increase in customer satisfaction
  • Zero backlog piling up on Mondays
  • 80 working hours reduced per week
  • Reduce workload for employees

Simplifai launches world-first generative AI tool for insurance

The first custom-built AI GPT tool for insurers offers ChatGPT-like enhanced decision making for automated claims management, while maintaining privacy and data security 

Out of the box integration with your existing systems 

We adhere to the best-in-class privacy and security protocols

We offer state-of-the-art, GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant AI solutions. We respect user’s privacy and prioritize data protection right from design to development following the Secured Software Development Cycle (SSDLC) approach. Our transparent, enterprise-ready AI solutions empowers customers with data control and clear usage purposes. 

Transform your document processing with AI