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Over 80 hours per week reduced in manual handling 

Leading property, health insurance provider in the Netherlands, Nh1816 Verzekeringen, implemented Simplifai’s AI powered solution to automate claims intake and handling and is reaping the rewards. 

Pioneering insurance in the Netherlands – NH1816’s story 

Nh1816 Verzekeringen is a Dutch insurance company with a history of over 200 years. Focused on personalized insurance services, the company is a national industry leader with 500,000 customers, 160+ employees and 800+ local advisors. 

Maintaining growth without increasing bandwidth or overwhelming employees

The claims handling department of Nh1816 receives 240,000 – 306,000 emails and attachments every year. With an annual growth rate of 10%, more and more people were needed to maintain the workflow.

Nh1816 needed a solution to manage everyday inquiries and allow employees to focus on more complex tasks and drive growth.


Hours saved every week

Saves 80 hours of time previously spent on the manual intake and processing of claim settlements – every week.


Increased customer satisfaction

Fast and accurate responses to standard claims freed up time for Nh1816 employees to focus on building strong relationships for customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


Backlog piling up on Monday 

With round the clock automated processing, NH1816’s claims team maintained steady workloads, avoided overtime, and focused on complex cases.

Leverage our customer service solution

Nh1816’s vision: Building a strong and competitive business future

  • Scale work capacity by 10% every year without hiring new employees 
  • Make 800+ advisors more competitive through higher speed and availability 
  • Improved speed and availability to strengthen customer satisfaction 
  • Absorb sudden volume upsurge and reduce the stress of short notice upstaffing
Pioneering Data Privacy through Rigorous GDPR Adherence

Why Nh1816 chose Simplifai

  • Our state-of-the-art AI solution has the ability to classify and extract information from free text 
  • We adhere to a ‘privacy by design’ approach, taking data security into consideration from the beginning 
  • The solution is built on GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 protocol compliant software 

With the help of Simplifai’s solution, we can organize the claims process more intelligently, allowing employees to spend less time manually processing documents and e-mails. The solution shortens the response time towards advisors and policyholders, which will further increase the already high customer satisfaction.

Janwillem Swart, Sr. Manager Commerce at Nh1816 Verzekeringen

A customized AI solution for Nh1816 – How it works

Nh1816 AI solution, can read, understand, and extract information from emails and documents. 

It has been trained to process 4 email categories, 17 document types, and 11 key data points. 

AI solution impresses with speed and productivity 

Within a week after implementation, solution was reading, interpreting, and sorting over 10,000 incoming emails and documents around the clock. NH1816’s employees appreciate having it onboard and have plans to widen its scope of work to shift responsibilities within the claims department. 

Solution has provided extra work capacity to tackle higher claim volumes from widespread house damage, following stormy weather some weeks back.

Jerre Veltman, Senior Manager ICT at Nh1816 Verzekeringen

To learn more about how our AI powered solution enables reliable and fast end to end automation, download the full customer story.

Invest in future work – today.

According to Gartner, 53% of insurance organizations are actively experimenting with or already implementing digital process automation technologies. 

  • Van Ameyde aims to automate 1 Mn claims every year 
  • Claims Link handles 80% of inquiries automatically 
  • Eika Forsikring achieves more than 70% automation grade for their claims department