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An efficient & scalable workforce, secure workflows, and intelligent use of technology are essential for sustainable success.

Mens han studerte i California, drømte Erik Leung om å utnytte IT for å endre hvordan folk jobber og gjøre en reell innvirkning. Han innså problemene forårsaket av mangelen på kvalifisert arbeidskraft og trodde på behovet for å utnytte menneskelige ressurser annerledes ved å frigjøre kapasitet.

Meeting with Bård Myrstad, who was in technology consulting at that time, they discovered a shared vision of capitalizing on technology to address real-world problems. And with this vision of changing the future of work, in 2017, Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung co-founded Simplifai.

Embracing a change that can reshape businesses

Today, working with AI is inevitable and those who don’t, risk falling behind. We have barely scratched the surface of AI – a technology that can propel large-scale evolution in how daily operations are handled, like never seen before.

For the good of all

The value of a technology depends on its users’ ability to fully leverage its potential. This belief shared by Bård and Erik sparked the vision for Simplifai.

Limitations in coding

The founders knew that automation using coding had many limitations. To overcome these challenges, they resolved to develop a simple solution powered by AI as an easy offering that could be integrated with other systems.

Creating a game-changer for competitive advantage

Bård and Erik set out on a mission to develop AI solutions without coding, which could be easily accessible for all. And that’s how Simplifai was born – to optimize the work performance of leading companies, government entities, and others.

Simplifai Today

We value
Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty

150+ Employees across all office locations

Flat Hierarchy and Open work culture

Women in the workforce

At Simplifai, we nurture learning and an innovation-driven culture to develop AI solutions that bring tomorrow’s innovations to businesses, today.


Automating the most integral workforce processes

Simplifai’s AI solutions use robust Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret complex, unstructured written human communications received through emails and documents.

These solutions can automate processing of hundreds or even thousands of emails, documents, and chats, dramatically reducing time taken for customer inquiry resolution.

Creating a win-win-win situation for everyone

Business Growth

  • Increased productivity and efficiency​​
  • ​​High Returns-on-investments ​
  • Accessible to all businesses​
  • Quick implementation

Motivated employees

  • Relieved from tedious, repetitive tasks
  • More focus on complex, sensitive tasks​
  • Reduced work stress with less workload
  • Feeling more rewarded at the workplace

Happy customers

  • Faster response time
  • Quick inquiry resolution
  • 24/7 customer service availability
  • Improved quality and accuracy

Improving business performance through AI for all

Validation from The Norwegian Data Protection Authority

Datatilsynet – The Norwegian Data Protection Authority confirms legal basis for Public Institutions in Norway to use Simplifai’s AI solutions

Nasscom SME Inspire Awards 2023 for Growth Leadership

Simplifai clinches the NASSCOM SME Inspire Awards 2023 for Growth Leadership in Tech Products and Platforms.

We adhere to the best-in-class privacy and security protocol

We offer state-of-the-art GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant AI solutions. We respect users’ privacy and prioritize data protection right from design to development following the Secured Software Development Cycle (SSDLC) approch. Out transparent , enterprise-ready AI solutions empower customers with data control and clear usage purposes

What our customers say about us

We chose Simplifai because, in our opinion, the underlying AI technology appears to be market-leading.

Thomas Dinhoff Pedersen CIO – Eika Forsikring

Where RPA and chatbots represent the first wave of AI-driven business process automation, Simplifais’ solutions are part of the second wave. Their Emailbot and Documentbot solutions are pushing the boundaries of which processes can be automated in a cost-efficient manner.

Ole Kristian Haug Head of Automation and Data Analytics – Knowit Insight

Successful adoption of automation and digital transformation solutions from Simplifai will be the key driver to our organizational effectiveness and the continuity of business survival

Ghee Khoon Tan Managing Director of Nevigate

We believe that Simplifai is genuinely interested in understanding our organization, who we are, and our needs. They were surprisingly fast in understanding our processes and came up with suggestions almost immediately. All in all, we are very happy and believe they have handled this project impressively

Mille Haslund Mellbye Nordic Head of Claims at Söderberg & Partners

We are looking forward to further utilizing new tools and technologies. The agreement with Simplifai is yet another step on our journey to provide solutions and products that are cost-effective and provide a good customer experience.

Einar Storsul CIO at Landkreditt

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