Revolutionize data archiving and accessibility with AI 

Easily access necessary information. 

Navigating challenges of digital mail archiving

Digital transformation is imperative in both private and public sector to streamline citizen services. Current archiving systems fall behind. 

  • 70% of important information is not archived properly
  • 25% of all important information in public case processing is lost due to poor archiving routines 
  • 1/3 of the money annually spent on archiving could be saved with better systems 

Effortless archiving 

Streamlines employees’ management and archiving of emails and attachments by automating classification and information indexing. 

Accessibility for all 

Secures search and accessibility for both employees and citizens by storing data in a secure, organized and searchable archive. 

Best in class compliance  

Ensures data security and privacy with GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant software, following ‘privacy by design’ approach. 

Customer feedback

«Employees in the public sector have to deal with different old and new systems that make archiving very time-consuming. Inefficient archiving affects the community’s ability to scrutinize political decisions and processes, and state and municipal proceedings. Transparency is crucial for trust in democratic processes, and good archives facilitate this.» 

Daniel Kohn CCO at Simplifai

«Simplifai was wise to design its Simplifai Archiver as a decision support tool, rather than a fully automated tool. Our assessment is that public sector actors are allowed to use it to support archiving and record keeping decisions. Those who may try to develop or use a fully automated variant, however, will probably face a legal challenge.» 

Kaja Breivik Furuseth Legal Specialist Director at Datatilsynet 

«Security and privacy are areas where we need to be compliant, our experience is that Simplifai appears, both solution wise and in competence, mature and proactive in these areas»

Thomas Dinhoff Pedersen CIO AT EIKA INSURANCE

Introducing the Simplifai Archiver

Ensure that important items are stored correctly through automated archiving and record keeping. The Simplifai Archiving gives you more control while saving valuable time.

Helps administrators select which correspondence to archive and enter into the public record 

Using Artificial Intelligence, the Simplifai Archiver supports caseworkers in managing the increasing amount of documentation arriving via email. By automating the record keeping and archiving process, it ensures proper, responsible and legal archiving. 

Compliance and data protection by design 

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has validated the Simplifai Archiver for use in public institutions. 

The Simplifai Archiver as a decision support tool – Here’s how it works 

The solution consists of three modules. Before it suggests what to do with an email, each module considers one of the following questions: 

  • Is the e-mail personal in nature? 
  • Should the e-mail be entered into the record? 
  • Should the e-mail be archived? 
  • E-mail processing

Each e-mail will be tagged accordingly to determine whether it meets the criteria for inclusion in the archive and public record. 

When the administrator agrees with the assessment, the email can be tagged in the category “Archiving OK”.  

The administrator can either personally archive the email, or all email tagged with “Archiving OK” will be archived by the Simplifai Archiver the following night. 

Specific rules can be added that exempt certain inbox content from being processed, such as exempting certain senders or certain key words in the subject field or e-mail body.

Discover the Future of Document Management with Simplifai  

Outlook Widget – You decide 

Administration interface 
Can be turned on/off 
Set schedule for activation of Simplifai Archiver  
Specify emails to be excluded from Simplifai Archiver 
Approve/adjust suggestions from Simplifai Archiver 

Pre-trained language engine 

Trained in cooperation with the Norwegian National Archives 
Capable of identifying 
What should be archived 
What should be published in public journals 
Can be adapted through training 

Integrated with archiving system 

We can integrate Simplifai Archiver for your archiving system, including: 
The following can be performed 
Archiving (both emails and attachments) 
Add metadata to archived attachments 

Norwegian Authority Approves Simplifai Archiver for Public Institutions   

The Simplifai Archiver was first developed in collaboration with the Norwegian National Archives through the Norwegian Directorate for Administration and Financial Management’s (DFØ) STARTOff scheme. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet) assessed whether the solution is compliant with national data protection regulations to let AI handle public mail.

  • Public institutions have a legal basis for using the solution for decision support with archiving and record keeping 
  • Democratic values inherent in proper record keeping and archiving are ensured 
  • The solution is recommended as a decision support tool, rather than fully automated 

Empower your team with automation to optimize efficiency  

Trondheim was the first municipality in Norway to use our AI solution for archiving documents. Simplifai has delivered the solution together with the Norwegian company Documaster. The municipality benefits from the Simplifai Archiver through the increased degree of self-service and consequently reduced case handling time. Both employees and citizens can now access the information they need quickly and easily online. 

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