2. September 2022
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    At Simplifai we aim to make the work experience for employees more rewarding and motivating. With constant evolution occurring in Artificial Intelligence, it provides an exciting avenue for people to work in this field.

    Introduction – What do we offer

    At Simplifai we aim to make the work experience for employees more rewarding and motivating. With constant evolution occurring in Artificial Intelligence, it provides an exciting avenue for people to work in this field. At Simplifai, we maintain this excitement for employees to work in the organization, thus making them passionate. Check out this blog that talks about some of the facets of Simplifai that make it a great place to work.

    Life at Simplifai

    At Simplifai, we believe in a thriving work culture that encourages employees to bring their best game to the table. We believe in a friendly environment at our workplace that makes employees immerse themselves in the work at hand and enjoy it thoroughly.

    The best way employees are happy in an organization is when they find it fun and interactive to go about their tasks. This is exactly what we follow at Simplifai – keeping employees happy and fulfilled, thus motivating their teammates and others as well. This indicates how a successful collaborative environment nurtures employees and encourages their growth in the organization.

    Values, culture, and beliefs of Simplifai

    Simplifai practices the core values of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. We also believe in simplicity as a core value that helps untangle us from the complexities of a technically vast field such as Artificial Intelligence. Sharing these values with our employees is something that we practice every day at every level.

    Maintaining employee trust and being transparent about operational processes are two key pillars that support Simplifai’s foundation. We instill this belief in our employees right from their onboarding and follow certain procedures that enable us to maintain it.

    We believe in having a flat hierarchy and open work culture as much as possible. This paves the way for employees to practice better inter-team and intra-team communication. Our employees get the opportunity to move across horizontally and vertically across numerous departments, in terms of communication as well as promotions. This is because we understand how important it is for professional freedom to exist in the workplace. Right from the CEO to the lowest rungs of employee positions, smooth communications keep our company engagement transparent.

    The diversity in our organization has brought in extensive cross-culture exposure, wherein employees from different regions and backgrounds come together to work and interact. This is very important in today’s world to let a melting pot of cultural influence seep into the workspace environment. In terms of diversity, we are completely inclusive and encourage people from various ethnicities, regions, and representations to join the organization. We are proud to boast a high female employee percentage of 39% which solidifies our belief in women-power, and we are constantly working on improving this percentage.

    “At Simplifai we stand for diversity and inclusivity. We aim to be a place where everyone feels safe to share their ideas, not only restricted to their departments. A broad spectrum of disciplines, background, and knowledge is proven to be beneficial on technology solutions, innovation, business profitability, which enhances employee satisfaction.”

    Erik Leung, Co-founder and Product Visionary – Simplifai

    Games, team bonding activities, CSR, and celebrations

    At Simplifai, we love to work smart, and also celebrate with equal enthusiasm and encourage employees to participate in various activities in the organization. From indoor games and festival celebrations to outdoor get-togethers and employee engagement activities, we use the perfect ways to have fun, and at the same time be mindful of our corporate responsibilities. Regarding the latter, we have the CSR branch called Simple Wishes at the India office which undertakes various activities such as plantation drives, community services in the form of clean-up drives, and visits to orphanages for donating clothes, food, and toys.

    “The best part of being with Simplifai is the opportunity to work in a fast-paced growing company with a focus on collaborative & employee-centric approach. The company encourages flat hierarchy & open-door policy which really makes top management easily approachable for any guidance needed.”

    Anjana Ranjan, Sr. HR Manager – Simplifai

    Global expansion and reaching new shores

    Simplifai has since grown extensively across global boundaries in recent times. Our offices are now established on two different continents and our client and partner portfolios now include the Middle East, Singapore, and other Asian regions as well.

    Apart from Norway, India, and Ukraine, we have expanded our presence to countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, and the overall BeNeLux region. We have significantly grown in the APAC markets as well and will continue expanding in newer territories in this region.


    A company is only as strong as the employees that work in it. At Simplifai, our open work culture and the strong foundation of maintaining employee trust and transparency ensure a healthy work-life balance. Be it games, team activities, or the values and beliefs that we practice, Simplifai will always maintain its vibrant workplace that contributes to enhanced employee work satisfaction.

    About Simplifai

    Simplifai is a company that develops AI-powered solutions for businesses to provide Intelligent Process Automation. We are an employee-centric organization that nurtures our employees and helps them focus on learning through engaging activities and career-path development.

    With values followed in the organization such as diversity, inclusivity, loyalty, honesty, and integrity, we maintain an open-work culture to ensure maximum employee satisfaction.

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