20. October 2022
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  • Simplifai hires two highly experienced delivery managers to its workforce

    We are excited to announce the hiring of two new delivery managers in the Nordic region! Both Tom Erik Helle and Bård André Johnsen were onboarded in senior positions and will add valuable experience to the Delivery Team. They will report to Imran Tamboli – CTO of Simplifai, and will be based out of our Headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

    Meet Tom Erik Helle

    Carrying an extensive experience of about 14 years, Tom has worked in numerous verticals, thus amassing a lot of business knowledge. Ranging from delivery and consulting of CRM solutions for about 4 years before Simplifai, to roles in customer service in the fuel and energy industry for 10 years, he indeed will be a valuable addition to the Simplifai family.

    When it comes to his professional beliefs, he has a curious soul, always stays solution-oriented, and inculcates a trust-building factor in his daily work processes. He also adopts a focus-oriented approach to his goals and carries a strong, positive attitude.

    At Simplifai, Tom’s main responsibilities will include helping customers design their AI solutions and delivering them at the right time with top-notch quality.

    Before joining Simplifai, Tom worked at companies such as Amesto Solutions in the consulting field, and at YX Norge as a customer service specialist for the distribution and handling of fuels and energy supply. He holds a Bachelor in Trade and Retail Management.

    “I joined Simplifai because I wanted to cultivate my skills to help customers streamline their daily work operations. I truly believe in Simplifai’s vision and products, so being able to actually work with AI is really cool. Last, but not least: This first month I’ve met some brilliant colleagues, who have welcomed me graciously and are making it fun to work here!”

    Tom Erik Helle – Senior Delivery Manager, Simplifai

    When Tom is not working, he likes to work out and ride his mountain bike in the woods and on the mountains.

    For more information about Tom Erik Helle, get in touch with him at:

    Email: tom.erik.helle@simplifai.ai

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-erik-helle-4736213/

    Meet Bård André Johnsen

    Bård has a vast experience of 17 years in the work fields of system development and operations, of which the last 4 also included project management. His main industry career is that of a developer.

    Regarding his professional beliefs, he is highly curious about new technologies and innovations. He is also very solution-oriented and believes that staying committed to the work at hand can make a huge difference in completing it on time and with quality. Another trait that Bård believes in is the need to stay focussed on the task at hand which brings in work efficiency.

    “I’m excited to dive into an area with an infinite amount of potential and cool, tech-heavy, innovative solutions. Looking forward to working with amazing colleagues with a game-changing technology, and in a vibrant and thriving workplace!”

    Bård André Johnsen – Senior Delivery Manager, Simplifai

    Bård’s key responsibilities at Simplifai will include assisting in the presales processes, creating new solution designs, and ensuring that all deliveries will be accomplished in a timely manner. Prior to joining Simplifai, Bård worked in organizations such as Facilis Solutions AS, Molte Tech, and Medievekst. At Facilis Solutions AS, he worked as a developer, at Molte Tech his job profile was that of a developer and production manager, and at Medievekst he was the Chief Technology Officer.

    In his spare time, Bård likes to frequent camping and fishing trips, play the guitar, indulge in movies and music, spend time with his pets, and on occasions, go bungee jumping.

    For more information about Bård André Johnsen, get in touch with him at:

    Email: bard.johnsen@simplifai.ai

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/baardajohnsen/

    “I am very excited to welcome Tom Erik and Bård to the Delivery team. With their experience and expertise, we can be sure that we will bring top-notch Digital Employees to our clients in the Nordics.”

    Imran Tamboli – Chief Technology Officer, Simplifai

    Welcome to Simplifai, Bård André Johnsen and Tom Erik Helle!

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