13. October 2022
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  • Simplifai adds two more BFSI experts to their Nordic sales team

    At Simplifai, we have brought extensive experience to the table for Nordics Sales with the hiring of two new Sales Managers. Together with Espen Kongshaug and Maria Fredsvik Lundamo, we are excited to grow our sales operations in the region and expand our market capabilities. They will be reporting to Stian Hovda Bergersen – Head of Sales for the Nordic region, Simplifai.

    Meet Espen Kongshaug 

    Espen Kongshaug brings an immense experience of 25 years to Simplifai and his main career industry is the Payments industry.  In his new position at Simplifai, he will primarily handle sales in the BFSI segment for Simplifai supported by a customer-centric end-to-end approach to form strong business relationships. 

    Espen’s core strengths include taking a highly structured approach toward sales processes and being focused on his targets. Along with this skillset of working in a targeted manner, he is a solution-oriented person and always tackles work with a progressive mindset. 

    Prior to joining Simplifai, Espen worked in various notable companies such as Mastercard Payment Services, Experian, Danske Bank, Basware, and others. He also holds a Bachelor in Marketing Management. 

    “Simplifai really seems to offer solutions for the future! Never seen any other company combining AI-technology, good ideas and smart people like this.”

    ~ Espen Kongshaug, Sales Manager for BFSI Nordics – Simplifai

    In his spare time, he likes to go skiing and windsurfing, plays the guitar, and enjoys spending time with his family.

    For more information about Espen, get in touch with him at:

    Email: espen.kongshaug@simplifai.ai

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/espenkongshaug/

    Meet Maria Fredsvik Lundamo

    Having accumulated nearly two decades’ worth of experience in the field of sales. We are utmostly thrilled to have Maria as a highly knowledgeable sales manager. Her main career-focus industries have been debt collection and payment solutions. 

    In her new position at Simplifai, she will utilize her vast experience to work as a Sales Manager targeting the BFSI sector. She will also be involved in bringing universal success to this market by advocating the use of Artificial Intelligence technology to achieve digital transformation.

    Maria’s core strengths include taking on every task with a structured approach, high determination, presence of mind, and with honest intentions. She also likes to stay in the present and considers it her greatest strength.

    Prior to joining Simplifai, Maria worked in companies such as Intrum, Bambora, and Visma. At Intrum she worked in the field of debt collection, whereas at Bambora she worked in the Payments division. She also carries a Bachelor in PR and Communications.

    “I am extremely happy to join Simplifai and look forward to working with everyone mainly because of two things – firstly the possibility of working with products powered by AI technology, how it can interact with our daily way of working and be a change maker. And secondly, the people and being part of a company where the sky is the limit.”

    Maria Fredsvik Lundamo – Sales Manager, BFSI Nordics – Simplifai

    In her spare time, Maria loves to play different sports, go for outdoor activities, and likes to spend time with her family.

    For more information about Maria, get in touch with her at:

    Email: maria.lundamo@simplifai.ai 

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-fredsvik-lundamo-887724/

    “We are very excited to have signed highly experienced professionals like Maria and Espen. They will be a great asset for our further growth in the Nordic region. Their background and expertise within their respective areas will be a major benefit for Simplifai and our customers.”

    ~ Stian Hovda Bergersen – Head of Sales for the Nordic region at Simplifai

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