E-mail processing

Automating processing of over 400,000 emails in a year 

One of the most historic banks in Norway providing digital services to its customers adopts Simplifai’s AI-powered Email Processing Solution to automate customer service tasks and back-office operations.

What’s in it for you?



Experienced increased efficiency and employee satisfaction as our AI solution frees-up time from manual, repetitive tasks.


customer advisors

Felt happier at the workplace as they used the freed-up time to provide real customer service instead of administrative tasks.


+ active customers

Were left with increased satisfaction and loyalty by enabling faster resolution to customer inquiries.

A veteran in providing financial solutions – a Landkreditt story

Established nearly a century ago, Landkreditt is a Norwegian medium-sized, robust, fully digital bank managing approx. 33 billion NOK in assets.

With ownership of 13 agricultural cooperatives, they focus on providing services in banking, funds, insurance, and real estate to their customers.

They receive hundreds of customer inquiries daily via web forms. The agents are needed to manually enter the data in their system queues, which is time-consuming.

Despite the high-end customer service provided, they struggled to maintain a balance between customer expectations, less turnaround times, and low operational costs.

They realized the need of a solution that could retain work efficiency and at the same time maintain customer expectations with quick inquiry resolution.

Landkreditt’s vision – creating a better economy while prioritizing quality and fairness

  • Provide customer-friendly, digital products with flexible design
  • Increase speed of processing emails about customer inquiries
  • Improve resource availability among employees by working 24/7 
  • Make life easier for 200+ employees and 9000+ end-customers

Why Landkreditt chose Simplifai?

  • Our AI solution has a unique ability to receive and independently handle customer inquiries.
  • It can automate customer service tasks and back-office operations quickly and efficiently
  • The state-of-the-art solution can process various inquiry types for existing & new customers.

Unlocking the power of AI with email processing solution: How it works

  1. Our solution read and interpreted customer inquiries coming in through web forms received as emails via integration with their third-party CRM system.
  2. It verified customer data by checking whether the relationship declared in the web form is valid or not in the Norwegian National Population Register.
  3. Based on the previous steps, it created or updated customer profiles in Landkreditt’s CRM system, or requested for missing information as business actions.
  4. Lastly, it continually monitored the queue for incoming new cases, leads, and provided status updates to Landkreditt’s customer service team regularly.

“Landkreditt has an ambitious strategy to digitize and improve customer journeys using IT tools. Simplifai delivers tools and know-how that enable us to improve and advance toward these goals. We are looking forward to a continued valuable and rewarding cooperation with Simplifai for the years to come,”

Einar Storsul, CIO of Landkreditt Bank