10. November 2022
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  • The winner of the Norwegian Customer Service Centre Award 2022 within logistics and transportation chooses Simplifai to improve their services as a partner and client

    Simplifai signs new contract and partnership deal with the Norwegian BPO-player, Kulant

    Kulant is a Norwegian national customer service center that won the Customer Service Centre award 2022 in transportation and logistics in Norway. With a passion for people at heart, they seek to improve their services further with an AI-driven Digital Employee from Simplifai. Kulant seeks to be best-in-class and has a clear strategy to always set the customers first and embrace new technology. One of Kulant’s core values is to focus on the districts providing the best possible service for everyone and giving a sense of belonging to the businesses.

    Kulant is Norwegian for ‘easy to deal with’. The company provides its clients with services like mail, social media, chat, phone and customer data insights, and analytics. Going forward, they will be using Simplifai’s Digital Employee solution both for their own operations and their customers, functioning as both client and partner for Simplifai. This strengthens their focus on innovation and technology to constantly improve and stay ahead of their competitors.

    Simplifai is a Norwegian AI company providing flexible, user-friendly AI automation solutions to streamline work processes for any business. Their main solution is AI-driven Digital Employees that can handle large volumes of inquiries through email and other channels. Automating the process from incoming to action, such as reply, forward, and updating systems, consisting of modules such as Emailbot and Documentbot.

    Kulant plans to adopt Simplifai’s Digital Employee solution to streamline their customer support. Today they are manually verifying the customer and then finding the order, followed by executing the task and closing the case. Here, a Digital Employee can assist by reading the inquiries, classifying, updating category and ticket status, fetching updates, forwarding, replying, and more.

    Automating this process will help them achieve their goal of freeing up time for the employees to work on more valuable, complex tasks and, at the same time, reduce response time and overflow. The partnership with Simplifai aligns with their ambitions to grow, challenge, and elevate the industry standards of customer centers for the benefit of both the businesses and the end customers.

    “Winning the Customer Service Award 2022 was a great milestone for us, but we have only just begun. At Kulant, we are passionate about providing quality and delivering great content to both clients and their end customers. We are constantly chasing improvements to add the best possible value for our clients, and we believe that the collaboration with Simplifai is an important step that puts us in a unique position to raise the quality of customer service in Norway to new heights.”

    For Simplifai, this partnership and contract strengthen their position within Customer Service and Shipping, distributing Emailbot and Digital Employees within the industry. Together with Kulant, we hope to succeed in helping more businesses adopt AI technology to streamline customer service processes, reduce response and handling time and free up resources to enable growth.

    Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai says,

    “We are proud and humble that the winner of Norway’s customer service award 2022 Kulant chooses our solutions to become even better. We are looking forward to further scaling this partnership and collaborating with Kulant on providing the best possible customer service.”

    For more information, please contact:

    Bendik Fosmo at: bendik.fosmo@simplifai.ai

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