5. July 2022
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  • Key Highlights and Takeaways from the Digital Insurance Agenda 2022 event

    Simplifai recently participated in the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) Event that took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands from June 29-30, 2022.


    With more than 75+ companies present at the event from all over the world, the two days were immensely exciting and inspirational. As a leader in the Artificial Intelligence industry, Simplifai was part of the Show & Tell session to display the capabilities of our Digital Employees.

    The DIA event activities mainly revolved around the topic of  – the State of Insurtech. In addition, there were numerous side events, activities, and networking opportunities for all the participants at DIA 2022.

    The Digital Insurance Agenda brought some of the most prominent players together on the same stage. Several technologies and developments in the digital world that are making a positive impact on the insurance industry were discussed here. With C-level executives and CXOs coming in from all over the globe, this event marked one of the most significant milestones for the industry in recent times.

    Show and Tell Presentations – Kyrre Garseth and Lisanne van Beelen 

    Kyrre Garseth – Head of Sales, BeNeLux, and Lisanne van Beelen – Business Analyst, presented at the Show & Tell activity on behalf of Simplifai. Also present from Simplifai at DIA were Daniel Kohn – CCO, and Bon Zonneveld – Sales Manager, BeNeLux. The Show & Tell activity enabled us to explain Simplifai’s AI-powered solution of Digital Employee along with products such as Emailbot and Documentbot. Key aspects of this presentation included showcasing how our solutions can automate insurance processes such as claims handling, insurance inquiries, and other repetitive, manual tasks such as email and document processing, along with a live demo. 

    Also present at the event, was one of our esteemed clients – Van Ameyde, and their Operations Director – Egon Scheers along with other team members. Mr. Scheers talked about how Simplifai’s solution is helping them streamline their daily operations by automating about 1 million inbound claims-related emails and attachments over one year. We received extensive positive support from Van Ameyde with their staff and management teams at the booth and show & tell sessions. Van Amede also expressed how happy they are with our Digital Employee solution services. 

    The show & tell presentation was received well by the audience. We also managed to engage with many prominent companies in the industry such as ASR, Achmea, Nationale Nederlanden, and De Goather, among several others. 

    Key Takeaways 

    • A huge, positive response was received for the use cases of Van Ameyde and Nh1816 that use Simplifai’s AI solutions. 
    • Separate discussions with Van Ameyde representatives about plans to expand together in Europe and talks about a future partnership role along with a customer role.
    • Two back-to-back days of valuable meetings and interactions with different clients and stakeholders in the insurance industry
    • Pre-booked more than 40 meetings during the event with the audience who visited our booth at Show and Tell via the event app.
    • Several separate conversations with many event attendees through LinkedIn PM and the event app.
    • Overall, we received a lot of positive responses and fascination from the event attendees for Simplifai’s products and services.

    Watch this video for quick highlights from the Digital Insurance Agenda event

    About Simplifai

    Simplifai is an AI solutions company that provides end-to-end automation for businesses dealing with free text emails, documents, and chat communications. Simplifai AI solutions provide streamlined email automation and document processing for improved business work efficiency and reduced operational costs.

    Along with RPA, API, and advanced NLP technology. Simplifai’s AI-powered Digital Employee solutions are tailored as per business requirements and comprise individual AI modules such as Emailbot, Documentbot, and Chatbot. These modules can be integrated with third-party systems and are programmed to carry out specific tasks at the front-end and back-end.

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