3. October 2022
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  • Simplifai celebrates 5 exciting years in the world of Artificial Intelligence

    We take great pleasure to announce that we have completed 5 years as a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions for businesses.

    Looking back, we have indeed come a long way, but at times, it also feels like half a decade has passed quickly, and we as a company still have a long road ahead.

    Back in 2017, Simplifai began as a modest start-up in Artificial Intelligence in Norway. We only had a handful of employees in the Oslo office. However, with time, we expanded to more regions such as India and Ukraine, in the cities of Pune and Kyiv, respectively.

    Now, in 2022, we have established ourselves in other countries as well such as Netherlands and Denmark, and have numerous clients and partners in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America. We have a global presence in terms of our outreach, and our solutions are industry agnostic; that is, they can be used worldwide in myriad industries, irrespective of work operations and sectors.

    It all began with an idea in a bar

    It all started in 2017 in Oslo with our founders Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung having a conversation while watching a football match in a bar. Gradually, the discussion steered towards them realizing that a gap existing in AI solutions is available for business in the current market scenario. Soon, many business ideas emerged, and one key point stuck out – the driver, and a key information carrier, in most office-based work processes is electronic human communication in various free text formats. From this starting point, how can Artificial Intelligence be made simpler and easier for businesses to access?

    “I am proud of what Simplifai is today and how far we have come with our AI solutions. We have really found our fit in the market – and proved ourselves with great results, often exceeding our client’s expectations.

    I’m excited about our further growth with our amazing team, making AI simpler – changing work for the better, one business at a time.”

    ~ Erik Leung, Co-founder and Product Visionary – Simplifai

    They started identifying major challenges in the traditional process automation techniques and realized that the best way to stand out as a leader in this field was to provide end-to-end automation for handling large volumes of emails and documents. After coming to an agreement that AI was the technology that could best serve their purpose as it carried a lot of promise, a concrete business idea formed.

    Establishing strong foundations

    Many businesses believe in the myth of Artificial Intelligence as a technology that is complex to understand and implement in the form of business solutions, thus being a herculean task. However, our founders started Simplifai with the mission of Making AI Simple and Accessible for all, thereby eradicating this myth and encouraging businesses to adopt Artificial Intelligence for their work environments.

    “It’s amazing to look back on our journey from where we are now and see the results of our fantastic team and great efforts. With a solid partner network, exciting clients, and projects, we can say that the future looks bright.

    The use of our AI technology has turned out to be applicable to numerous inefficient, costly work processes – and we continue discovering more. We will keep working towards a future where the workforce and businesses are safely and efficiently empowered by AI.”

    ~ Bård Myrstad, CEO – Simplifai

    The second pillar of our foundation is our vision to change the landscape of the workforce for businesses, and we encapsulate this belief as Artificial Intelligence for the Future workforce. With Intelligent Process Automation, we have effectively brought the future of business work operations to the present by providing state-of-the-art AI solutions. Our Digital Employees ensure that workforce need not change existing operations systems and have led us to create a niche in the IPA segment as a SaaS company.

    Our Digital Employees can work side-by-side with human employees in a collaborative way and make their work more meaningful. We train the solutions to process data in a structured as well as an unstructured format (free-text), which forms one of our key USPs that helps us stand out in the competition.

    At Simplifai, we are happy with our achievements and take pride in the rapid global growth that we have scaled. We aim to keep continuing growing at a healthy pace in the future and reach newer shores soon.

    About Simplifai

    Simplifai is an AI solution company that provides end-to-end automation for businesses with the help of Digital Employees. We use Intelligent Process Automation to help achieve process efficiency. Our AI-powered solutions can work in any third-party system and can be programmed to carry out specific tasks at the front- and back-end.

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