Carl-Johan Claes Bredberg

Carl-Johan Bredberg is the newest senior force employed by Simplifai as Head of Sales in Sweden with a focus on broadening its horizon in Scandinavia

Carrying a strong work experience of about 7 years, Carl Johan is a powerhouse of sales techniques and sales applications. For about six years, he worked in sales and followed a growth-orientated work philosophy in the respective organizations.


Before joining Simplifai, he was employed for about five years at Netigate mainly in the field of acquisition. By tackling SaaS (software as a service) tech requirements, he led the Swedish sales team in the company’s Swedish market and brought yearly increasing growth for the company. Carl also has worked in a debt collection company Sergel in Stockholm before Netigate.


“I really look forward to helping Simplifai grow further, as we have a fantastic product that I am convinced is the future of Artificial Intelligence. As Head of Sales in Sweden, I see fantastic potential in the market where we can provide a solution that really helps our future customers to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and enables rapid scaling of businesses.”

~ Carl-Johan Bredberg – Simplifai Head of Sales – Sweden


Carl-Johan Bredberg has immense knowledge about sales and business development, and he believes in applying the same at Simplifai to bolster the sales initiatives in Scandinavia. He carries a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from Södertörn University and Stockholm University.


We are extremely pleased to have signed such a great profile for this position. Carl-Johan has a very solid sales background where he has demonstrated great skills in both account management and management. With his hunger and curiosity to succeed we believe Carl-Johan is the perfect fit to build and scale our operations in Sweden.

~ Stian Hovda Bergersen, Nordic Head of Sales – Simplifai


He values a large desire for long-term growth and looks forward to using this thought process in Simplifai to achieve a sales-oriented market in Sweden. Carl-Johan is also highly passionate about Artificial Intelligence-powered applications and the enormous potential they carry in today’s automation-oriented business arena. Simplifai will certainly benefit hugely from Carl-Johan’s hire and use this leverage to capture more market space with their premium AI-powered solutions in Scandinavia.


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