Simplifai's journey across 2022

Simplifai’s journey across 2022 – An end-of-year reflection

Co-founder Erik Leung shares key highlights about his reflection for 2022 in this article and provides his thoughts about Simplifai’s vision for 2023, as well.

CIO plan for implementing AI

A 5-point CIO plan for implementing AI-based automation in daily work operations

Many studies have found that if organizations do not evolve their mindset and efforts to implement AI in their organizations, they risk creating a huge gap between themselves and other institutions that are advancing by adopting AI. And for those organizations that adopt AI, not all of them are successful.

Simplifai etterlever personvernforordningen (gdpr)

Hvordan Simplifai etterlever personvernforordningen (GDPR)

Simplifai er ledende innenfor løsninger med kunstig intelligens og i denne bransjen er det viktig at vi tar ansvar for at kundedata og annen sensitiv informasjon blir beskyttet. Sikkerhet står høyt på listen over våre verdier og vi liker å tenke at det er den del av vårt DNA.  

Ai trends in 2022

Are AI trends in 2022 living up to their expectations?

AI trends in 2022 Industry and market experts, CIOs, and even PR agencies have all given a variety of opinions about how AI applications are performing in different industries. As per a poll by Toolbox, about 42% of tech professionals say that Artificial intelligence will be the biggest overall technology trend for 2022 [1]. However, […]

AI-Powered Customer service

AI-powered customer service in the insurance industry

In recent times, the focus in the insurance industry has shifted towards delivering excellent customer service by adopting a consumer-centric model. As the customer volume steadily increased with rapidly improving tech, the demand increased for using modern technologies to speed up insurance activities. One such technology that has now managed to make a significant foray […]

no-code and low-code automation

Why should businesses start adopting no-code and low-code automation platforms

The modern worker now leads a busier work life than before with a need to complete operations and tasks in the least amount of time. With increasing workloads, organizations have been adopting ways to automate daily work processes in the form of business automation. Furthermore, the business world gradually saw a rise in the use […]

ROI from AI

How to turn Artificial Intelligence into a profitable investment

Generating ROI for your business through Artificial Intelligence  Artificial Intelligence is taking nearly every industry by storm and organizations are increasingly looking forward to experimenting with the numerous opportunities offered by this technology. As per the 2021 Employee Technology Survey by Gartner, about 74% of employees who have experienced using automation technologies said these technologies […]

AI led business automation is a necessity and not a choice

AI led business automation is a necessity and not a choice

While most of us still think and believe that Artificial Intelligence led business automation is a technology of the future, the reality is far beyond thought. We may say that acceptance of AI in mainstream society is a new phenomenon, but surprisingly the concept of AI is not. It came into existence back in 1956. […]

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing in AI – transforming document processing for businesses

What is Natural Language Processing?  The branch of Artificial Intelligence that helps computers read, understand and interpret human language is called Natural Language Processing in AI. Also known by its abbreviated form as NLP, this technology is mainly used to facilitate communication and interaction between machines and humans. As computers and machines do not operate […]

Kunstig intelligens kan gi økt åpenhet og effektivitet i offentlig sektor

I offentlig sektor finnes det sårbare arbeidsprosesser der overbelastede ansatte ikke har tid til å arkivere og journalføre det de skal, som kan føre til mangelfullt offentlig innsyn. For å ta grep, søkte Arkivverket i fjor etter noen som kunne bidra med å utvikle teknologi for automatisk arkivering av e-post. Gjennom StartOff lyktes de med å komme i kontakt med aktuelle leverandører, hvor Simplifai kom seirende ut av konkurransen.