The Role Played by Intelligent Process Automation for Insurance Companies – Streamlining the Customer Experience Forever

Insurance companies arguably receive a massive volume of customer inquiries every year, and many of these are not too simple to handle. Burdened with increasing requests ranging from insurance policy information to payments, and renewal to complicated grievances, insurance companies often witness a drop in work efficiency due to such high demand. Even though recent […]


The World of Financial Services Stands on a Brink of Permanent Transformation as Applications based on AI for Finance Take Giant Strides

Chris Skinner once said, “Ignoring technological change in a financial system based upon technology is like a mouse starving to death because someone moved their cheese.” And as a corollary to this ideology, most organizations in the BFSI sector are gradually warming up to the vast pool of benefits offered by recent technological advancements that […]


New Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2021 Promise a Spectacular Business Transformation in Different Industries

Today, the world steadily moves towards better technology as breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence are rapidly being achieved. AI trends have been constantly evolving and getting more advanced with every passing year, as businesses continue aiming towards smarter work processes and improved efficiency. Many businesses are now investing in AI tech to provide a better customer […]

Bob Zonneveld Head of Sales Germany Benelux Simplifai

Simplifai Hires Bob Zonneveld as Sales Manager for Benelux region – Furthers its Footprint in Mainland Europe

Simplifai further strengthens its sales workforce with the hire of Bob Zonneveld as the Sales Manager Benelux. Bob will report to Kyrre Garseth, for mainland Europe and will be running the Amsterdam-based office. Bob Zonneveld brings in a large experience across industries in the European market with a strong understanding of attracting US and Asian […]


Simplifai Signs AI Automation Contract with Insurance Experts Knif Trygghet Forsikring AS

Simplifai has landed an exciting deal with insurance specialists Knif Trygghet Forsikring AS. This move is expected to further Simplifai’s reach in the BFSI sector, particularly in the insurance domain.   Huge Breakthrough in the Insurance Industry “Insurance is one of the industries with the highest need for artificial intelligence in a global context – […]


Simplifai signerer avtale med Home First Finance Company i India – Automatiserer generering av salgsleads og kvalifiseringsprosess

Simplifai har signert en spennende avtale med det indiske selskapet Home First Finance Company (HFFC) for å håndtere og integrere prosessautomasjon gjennom en AI-drevet Chatbot-løsning. HFFC mottar rundt 150-200 henvendelser på chat daglig fra ulike plattformer blant annet gjennom web portal og meldingsapplikasjonen WhatsApp. Simplifai’s omnikanale Chatbot vil bistå med kundesupport og effektivisere samtaleflyt for […]


The Future of Artificial Intelligence Rests on the Shoulders of Innovation in Natural Language Processing

The world of technology stands on a crucial precipice of change – a paradigm shift occurring through Artificial Intelligence applications in myriad fields. This begs asking a prime question that has been on the minds of several innovators in the tech industry: can a machine one day behave exactly like a human? And if this […]


Top AI Applications in 2021 That Are Reshaping Banking in a Post-Pandemic World

What makes AI so desirable in the BFSI sector? That many organizations are now vying towards implementing process automation in their daily processes? It obviously goes beyond benefits such as improved customer experience, better security, and saving operational costs. Out of all the financial sectors, Artificial Intelligence seems to have made the most progress in […]

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Simplfai utvider rekkevidden globalt

En begynnelse i det små Da gründerne Erik Leung og Bård Myrstad startet opp Simplifai i Oslo i 2017 var hovedstaden den eneste lokasjonen. Men det tok ikke lang tid før Pune, India og Kiev, Ukraina be etablert som skulle følge visjonen og ambisjonen om et internasjonalt AI-selskap. Nå, fire år senere har vi en […]

Documentbot Launch

The new era of document processing is powered by AI: Documentbot for Businesses

AI-based automation has reinvented the core nature of work processes, further transforming how businesses operate and communicate with each other and their consumers. The advent of AI might not have been sudden, but rather has gradually seeped into different industries, promising immense growth opportunities for organizations. The application of artificial intelligence need not be only […]