Email automation using Emailbot – the next big thing in customer support and other domains for your business

Emails are one of the most reliable, dependable, and frequently used modes of communication for business activities today. In the customer service department, emails have been utilized extensively for meeting customer queries and their responses sent for facilitating correspondence. Steady progress is now being achieved in this domain of corporate communications, thus giving rise to […]

Simplifai Emailbot available at UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blueprism

Emailbot now available at UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blueprism Marketplace with Easy RPA/API Integration

Process automation has been around in the corporate world for quite some time and is evolving at a rapid pace with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in various industries. The Emailbot created by Simplifai is one such example of a powerful AI solution designed to handle a large volume of emails and read, identify, and interpret their content. Based on this interpretation, the bot can carry out […]

Simplifai e-postbot i Landkreditt bank

Simplifais Emailbot-teknologi er nå i banksektoren

Simplifais nye kontrakt med den norske banken, Landkreditt, åpner dører for å gå videre inn i banksektoren, som er et viktig strategisk gjennombrudd for selskapet.   Bård Myrstad, CEO i Simplifai, sier : “Dette er en strategisk viktig avtale som verifiserer at vår Emailbot-løsning basert på kunstig intelligens møter banksektorens høye sikkerhetskrav, og kan bli […]

Nelfos e-postbot iver

Nelfo kommer i gang med Emailbot

Landsorganisasjonen, Nelfo, automatiserer nå sin førstelinje support med Emailboten, “Iver”, som skal ta seg av store deler av deres innkommende e-post.   Ved å automatisere prosesser innenfor e-posthåndtering vil svartiden reduseres betraktelig, og de ansatte slipper å bruke tiden sin på å besvare de samme spørsmålene gang på gang. I stedet kan man legge inn automatiske […]


Simplifai Emailbot Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to Simplifai’s Emailbot to take advantage of Azure’s scalability, reliability, and agility to drive application development and shape business strategies. Simplifai AS, an Oslo-based scale-up company developing off-the-shelf work process automation solutions, today announced the availability of The Simplifai Emailbot in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store […]


Launching the First Emailbot in the Nordics

The launch of the Emailbot training interface will change the game of AI in customer service — forever. After over a year of research and development, we have finally cracked the code to build a tool so simple most people can use it. A tool yet powerful enough to tackle a majority of all incoming […]