Simplifai India Launch

Meet our new team for India Sales & Marketing

Things have started to gear up in Simplifai’s India office as we expand our Sales & Marketing Department further. With a global expansion on the cards, the existing India office was the best place to start for our market expansion. Hence began the search for the most talented personnel in the Indian market for taking up our office of Simplifai at Pune.  

India is a growing marketing and most lucrative for AI and Automation in the current times. We at Simplifai wanted to fill in the gap in the Indian Market with the Enterprise segment being optimistic about the capabilities of AI and the SME sector looking at ways to iron out the inefficiencies, boost productivity and availability. 

With a mission at hand, we onboarded a team of qualified professionals for our Sales and Marketing team. So here we would like to introduce our new Sales & Marketing team from India Office. 

Gokul Ambekar has joined us as Head – Enterprise Sales and Partnerships. He will be based at Pune Location. Gokul holds a degree of Master of Business Administration in International Business and has extensive experience of around 13 years into Cloud Computing Consultation and Sales.  

Gokul plays a pivotal role in Simplifai’s Enterprise sales especially with his areas of expertise like new business and geo expansion, relationship management, & channel sales.   

On a personal level, he is a sports enthusiast and fitness lover. He also enjoys reading books especially novels, biographies, books on history, and is a good linguist who knows 7 languages.  


“As the famous saying from – Henry Ford Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success’, I am excited to announce that I am starting a new journey with Tech-Powered Sales for Simplifai. It is most exciting to realizing the impact of AI on our everyday lives. I have met with people that work across all Industries and they are all interested in the potential of AI.  

At Simplifai, it is an opportunity to ensure the easy adaptability of Hyper Automation and Artificial Intelligence with its innovative solutions across Industry verticals and make Digital Employee an integral part of their day to day business. 

I’m privileged to work with really smart people at Simplifai family!” 

~ Gokul Ambekar 


Ketan Sharma has joined Simplifai as Head of Sales – SME. He would be helping Simplifai scale in the fastest growing SME market in the world and help organizations in effortless scalability and reduce costs by bringing hyper-automation into their operations. Ketan being a postgraduate in Advertising and Marketing Communications, brings onboard a decade of experience in Sales and Marketing and specialized in scaling markets and teams rapidly. 

Ketan is a specialist in product and SAAS sales and will be helping Simplifai in building a new business, securing customer loyalty, and forging strong business relationships. 

Ketan has a love for gaming, binge-watching movies, TV shows, and likes to unwind in the arms of nature.   


According to Forbes, By 2025, an estimated 95% of customer interactions will be supported by AI technology.This will also hold true for many other aspects of customer operations. I always have had a love for future technologies and AI tops the chart. One thing that COVID has taught us is that operations cannot be the same as it was in the past and we must adopt advanced technologies to scale in all scenarios. 

I am thrilled to be a part of Simplifai which believes in Simplifying AI and making it available to all organizations through predesigned solutions and products like Digital Employees realizing the goal ‘AI for all’. Can’t wait to take this technology to the SME market in India.”  

~Ketan Sharma 


Tejas Kamble has joined Simplifai as Marketing Manager. He will mainly be involved in setting up marketing operations in the India office and build marketing strategies to take Simplifai to market. With experience across marketing function, Tejas has exposure to both conventional and digital marketing. An MBA in Marketing, Tejas holds over 11 years of experience in the IT industry. 

Tejas loves to travel and relies on movies, music, and books to escape the clutter of daily life.  


“Artificial Intelligence is a field that has always intrigued me. Getting to work in this domain is an exciting opportunity. Simplifai as a brand comes off as an innovator with the magical wand of Digital Employee. I am all set to brand Simplifai and build marketing for them in this fast-growing domain of AI and Hyper Automation which holds great prospects. 

~ Tejas Kamble 


At Simplifai, we further look at growing our sales operations in India and are in the process of expanding its team in the India region. As the market holds the potential, building a strong and energetic team is a work in progress. Surely the Sales and Marketing team will be looking at exponential growth and in turn, build the huge business potential for Simplifai in its global expansion roadmap.