Leveraging the Power of Artificial Intelligence: Simplifai DigiConnect Digital Boardroom by VAD Technologies

New Partnerships

Recently, Simplifai signed long-term cooperation and development agreement with VAD technologies based in the Middle East. This not only has laid down a foundation of a permanent presence for Simplifai in the Middle East but has also presented a way forward for the company to improve market penetration of their AI solutions in the region.

VAD Technologies is one of the largest distributors of IT and technology services in the Middle East with a sales network worth more than 1000 partners strong in the region. With its headquarters in Dubai, the strategic agreement signed by VAD with Simplifai will enable the latter to permeate the tech solutions market in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

Simplifai is an AI automation company with headquarters in Norway that creates digital employees for businesses to leverage the power of AI in their daily work processes. The company aims to bring end-to-end automation for the workforce with the help of smart artificial intelligence solutions that can reduce the time taken for handling repetitive processes.


DigiConnect Digital Boardroom Webinar

Recently, VAD Technologies organized a Digital Boardroom for Simplifai on March 24, 2021. The key topic addressed at this Boardroom was – “Leveraging the Power of Artificial Intelligence”. VAD invited Simplifai to talk about this subject by discussing its AI solutions that promise to change the business workforce with the help of automation to achieve operational efficiency. A diverse panelist of speakers at the webinar included Erik Leung, COO of Simplifai, Mario M. Veljovic, General Manager of VAD Technologies, Mustafa Abujazar – Multimedia and Web Design Manager, Information Technology Division – Oman Arab Bank, and Munner Elakhras, Group Information & Computer Technology Manager, General Insurance and Reinsurance.

Erik Leung addressed the topic and brilliantly presented how Simplifai’s key AI products called Digital Employees can help businesses effectively handle repetitive tasks. He elaborated on the importance of Digital Employees specifically in the BFSI industry and introduced some of the key products of Simplifai, such as the Documentbot and Emailbot. Erik is a leading expert and visionary in AI and is the co-founder and the COO of Simplifai based out of Norway. With more than a decade’s worth of experience in product design and development in the BFSI industry, Erik’s vision is to spread digital transformation with the help of intelligent cognitive systems through Simplifai.

The DigiConnect Boardroom was a complete success. Planned with a single aim to provide valuable insights to build business efficiency with the help of AI-powered solutions, this webinar attracted an audience from diverse regions across the globe.


Key Takeaways From the Event:

  1. Adopting AI through intelligent automation at the workplace with the help of Digital Employees can lead to significant improvements in an organization’s business processes. Customer Service as discussed in the session can hugely see improvements in operational efficiency at the workplace.
  2. Digital Employees are the next step towards digital transformation and can help in driving more business values through AI and Intelligent Process Automation. The Digital employee can automate manual tasks with RPA and AI will free up valuable employee time to engage in more value-adding tasks.
  3. Practical use of AI and RPA in a business to achieve process automation.


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