Launching: Multibot – a multiplying chatbot

From now on, you can build many bots at the same time using Simplifai Studio!

With our newest feature in Simplifai Studio, companies can now build many bots at the same time. Yes, you read it right. Multiple bots in the same amount of time as building one. It significantly reduces marketing time and improves market adoption of chatbots. 

It hasn’t been long since our last launch, but here we are, launching yet another game-changing feature. The idea started with our Simplifai team wanting to increase the adoption rate for chatbots in the market. Regarding the time and effort needed to train and build the response flow for each new chatbot, which requires many AI trainers and hours, it can take years until we see significant adoption. To tackle this problem, we had to think outside the box.  

At Simplifai we already have thousands of intents that we can combine to form different chatbots. And from experience, we have seen that there are so many companies with a very similar need for a bot. For this purpose, we have now introduced the concept “Multibot”.  

The concept of multibot is simple. Through our partners, we train a bot to solve a particular problem. Once the bot is completed, it can be made available to customers with similar needs. All they have to do is insert their own answers and they will have the bot working for them.  


“We see that multibot will make chatbots attractive to customers who are not willing to pay the premium price and commit the resources to train and maintain their own bot. In addition, this multibot process will make us an attractive chatbot partner to work with for companies with expertise in a certain industry, and large customer bases within a certain customer segment.”  

                 – Erik Leung, head of product development in Simplifai.  


Immediately after the multibot became available, a collaboration with Loyalty, a partner specializing in customer center solutions, was settled. Together, we are now building the first batches of multibot targeting a few specific areas. 

We are excited about the opportunities this can open up for, and it will be fun to see if this is a solution that can help the chatbot to finally bloom in Norway.