Emailbot Freshdesk

Emailbot is now available in Freshdesk

You can now combine the cloud-based customer support software, Freshdesk, with our Emailbot. This means you can optimize your CRM and make your customer support more efficient by letting the Emailbot handle your inbox and ticketing automatically.


Emailbot streamlines ticket handling in Freshdesk as a cost and time-efficient solution. The Emailbot can send information to Freshdesk by creating tickets automatically. It takes care of your incoming emails (yes, all types of emails) from your business inbox, automatically creating and handling tickets in Freshdesk.


Our bot is AI-based and can interpret the content and perform the right action. It can understand inbound emails, classify them, and extract relevant information for automatic processing. With the ability to also identify the sender’s intentions, the Emailbot can be configured to perform different actions for different email categories and types of requests.



For example, it extracts key data from the email inquiry and sends the information to Freshdesk by creating tickets automatically. You choose what information you want to extract and what action to take based on the information.

The Emailbot can also reply to the sender, for example, to confirm a receipt or ask for more information if any details are missing. It also works as a coordinator, where it can hand over tasks to a Support Agent, set status, priority, send attachments, insights, and details and finish a task by setting the ticket status as closed.


So if you are using Freshdesk and want to try our integration, leave your details in the form below. Or you can read more about the solution here.



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