AI in debt collection for happier employees and increased customer trust

Let’s imagine a scenario in the customer service department of a debt collection agency.  A group of people are working overtime to keep up with processing the ever-increasing workload of debt invoices generated for their customers. An agitated customer care employee is talking with a debtor who has not transferred the repayment on time. And […]

ai in public sector

AI in Public Sector to strengthen public trust & transparency with intelligent business automation

Can AI make headways in a highly regulated Public Sector industry? Progress in technologies used for different industries never stops as it intends to improve the quality of operations. The same is true for the Public Sector industry, and the latest progress it is witnessing is the use of AI in the Public Sector. But, […]

Simplifai signs deal with Fair Collection

Simplifai signs fantastic deal with Fair Collection to automate processing of customer inquiries

A Digital Employee from Simplifai will handle 100% of all written inquiries in the company Fair Collection is already known within the debt collection industry as an early mover, that grabs the hold of new market shares by being innovative. By signing a deal with Simplifai, they now make sure their customer experience will become […]

AI Automation in front office for banking and finance

 AI Automation in Front Office: Transforming the Way Banks and Financial Institutions Serve Customers 

Banks are pursuing various digital transformation strategies with respect to how customers adopt rapidly transforming technologies. To provide them with the best services and convenience, banks digitize their operations in a competitive banking environment. The aggregate potential cost savings for banks from AI is estimated at $447 billion by 2023, with the front and middle […]


Landkreditt appoints Simplifai to handle 400,000 e-mails per year

Landkreditt Bank signs a new two-year license and innovation agreement with Simplifai. The agreement enables Landkreditt to implement Simplifai’s Digital Employee across all business areas: Banking, Insurance, Property, and Asset Management. When Simplifai was founded in 2017, our first customer was Landkreditt Bank. And thankfully, just like most other companies, they are still with us. […]

Treffpunkt Event 2022

Key Highlights and Takeaways from Treffpunkt Event 2022

We attended the Treffpunkt Event 2022 organized by Sikri AS. The event took place in Oslo, Norway between November 28-30, 2022. The host of the event, Sikri AS, is one of the reputed names in the Norwegian public sector that deals in case management solutions. The forum received a great response with around 152 companies […]

AI in banking

AI in banking for account servicing – a rewarding approach for best customer service

Introduction Modern banking functions are driven by the momentum created by digitization. This push has raised the expectation of both bankers and customers in terms of simplified operations, easy-to-access and manage accounts, and prompt query resolution. Banks and financial institutes are proactively building their resilience strategies respective to their business roadmap.  Aligned with this objective, […]

CIO plan for implementing AI

A 5-point CIO plan for implementing AI-based automation in daily work operations

The need for an effective CIO plan for implementing AI Many studies have found that if organizations do not evolve their mindset and efforts to implement AI in their organizations, they risk creating a huge gap between themselves and other institutions that are advancing by adopting AI. And for those organizations that adopt AI, not […]

Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Banking 2022

Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications in Banking 2022

Introduction Cognitive top Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in banking 2022, have increased tremendously, especially with the return of the new normal early in the year. After the pandemic, many banking organizations opted for facilitating operations through process automation, which in pre-pandemic times was mostly manual or automated in a limited way. As the banking and […]

AI for customer service

Enabling AI for customer service and enhanced CX in Insurance

Introduction AI for customer service is enabling businesses to digitize every touchpoint to certain degrees to make the customer journey more effective and memorable. In fact, a McKinsey study states that AI and automation can reduce the cost of a customer care journey for insurers by as much as 30% [1]. Businesses that handle mass […]