celebrating 5 years of making Artificial Intelligence simple and accessible for all

Simplifai celebrates 5 exciting years in the world of Artificial Intelligence

We take great pleasure to announce that we have completed 5 years as a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions for businesses. Looking back, we have indeed come a long way, but at times, it also feels like half a decade has passed quickly, and we as a company still have a long road ahead. […]

Simplifai Management visit at India office

A time to remember with Simplifai Management visits at India office

Looking back at the past few years, it is simply amazing to see how Simplifai has expanded in terms of workforce, locations, and clientele. Regardless of the region where our employees might be, Simplifai is a close-knit family that not only works together but also celebrates together. With this notion in mind, the Simplifai Management […]

End of year reflection by Erik Leung- Simplifai

The Year That Was 2021 – A Reflection

December arrives once more, bringing a multitude of changes and new possibilities lying in store for the next year. Yet another year has passed with its ups and downs – an innovative mix of new AI solutions, product upgrades, improved operations, and of course branching out in different industries and sectors.  2021 was no different […]

Bob Zonneveld

Simplifai Hires Bob Zonneveld as Sales Manager for Benelux – Furthers its Footprint in Mainland Europe

Simplifai further strengthens its sales workforce with the hire of Bob Zonneveld as the Sales Manager in Benelux. Bob will report to Kyrre Garseth, for mainland Europe and will be running the Amsterdam-based office. Bob Zonneveld brings in a large experience across industries in the European market with a strong understanding of attracting US and […]


Simplifai Hires Rasmus as New Head of Sales – Denmark; Expands Its Footprint in The Nordics as New Markets Open Up in Europe

Simplifai strengthens its sales workforce with the hire of Rasmus Lyhne as the Head of Sales in Denmark. Rasmus will report to Stian Hovda Bergersen and will be running the Copenhagen-based office.   Rasmus carries a robust sixteen years of experience in the software industry, mainly in the European market. His strengths include Business Development […]


Simplifai Builds Relations Across the Globe – Creates New Businesses Opportunities Through Expanding Partner Base

Forming Positive Relationships  Building trust and good relationships with partners form an integral part of businesses that look forth to establish themselves in new markets. Simplifai’s founders –Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung, believed in this philosophy right from the beginning when they founded the company in 2017. They identified the need for Simplifai to form strong alliances, preferably spread across geographies, […]

Expansion Blog_Regions

Simplifai Expands its Reach to New Territories with a Massive Goal to Incorporate a Global Outlook

Starting Out Small When Simplifai started out in 2017 in Norway through the vision of two entrepreneurs – Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung, the company established headquarters in Oslo and did not have a presence in any other region. However, we soon set up offshore offices in Pune, India, and Kyiv, Ukraine, in the subsequent months. […]


Simplifai Expands with Stronger Employee Workforce Across Different Teams Bringing Onboard Massive Experience

A Humble Beginning  When Simplifai was established in 2017 by Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung, we barely employed a handful of team members in Oslo, Norway. The major focus was especially imparted on setting up the initial operating procedures. In 2018, we began to aim towards scaling up our base globally. Following the establishment of the company headquarters in Oslo, our vision turned into reality as we set up a small […]


Simplifai Hires Tommy Nilsen as Sales Manager for Public Sector in The Nordics With Plans for Strategic Expansion in The Domain

We are very excited to share the news about Tommy Nilsen joining Simplifai as the Sales Manager for Public Sector for the Nordic region. He will focus on the large entities in the sector such as ministries and other large organizations and will be based out of the Oslo office.   Simplifai is now expanding fast along different verticals especially as it has recently been hiring new talent frequently. With plans for […]

Simplifai expands across horizons

Simplifai Reaches New Shores with Larger Workforce and a Focus on Global Expansion

A Dream Begins to Transform AI solutions for Businesses. Many think that every innovation in the world of technology starts with a good idea. But, more than developing a concept, innovation requires a problem. A few years ago, two visionaries – Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung identified a key problem that most businesses faced – […]