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About Simplifai

Simplifai develops artificial intelligence and automation technology in order to improve and streamline companies. Our vision is to create the digital winners of tomorrow.

It all started with our founders Bård and Erik, who wanted to help business leaders find a holistic design within IT. They dreamt of ‘bringing AI to the people’, and they wished to do it in a simple way. Simplifai was founded in 2017, and this visionary company has now grown to a considerable size, with 46 employees distributed across three locations.

By using artificial intelligence and automation technology, we help our customers improve and streamline their businesses. The software we have developed consists of various modules that can be assembled, and which are adapted to the industry and their intended job functions – almost like Legos.
Available modules that can be included are chatbots, e-mail bots, document bots, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and decision engines.

How do we work with artificial intelligence?

Simplifai delivers digital employees composed of modules that allow rapid scalability. The modules are made available as they are built, and are included in a platform that can be used in the long term to deliver a plug-and-play format. This makes it easy for customers to develop their digital employees with new modules as new needs arise. This platform will also enable for rapid international scaling.

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Important events in our history:

  • 2017

    Simplifai is founded

  • 11. okt 2017

    First customer contract signed with 4Human

    11. okt 2017

  • Mars 2018

    Kjeldsberg receives the first chatbot from Simplifai

  • April 2018

    Innovation partnership with Landkredit Bank

    April 2018

  • Juli 2018

    Agera Venture signs on as an owner and accelerator

  • 7. april 2019

    Nelfo’s Ella chatbot goes live

    7. april 2019

  • 23. april 2019

    ‘Sødde’ has its first day of work at Claims Link