What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated online communication tool through which the user can receive an immediate response, instead of waiting or searching through the website. Through machine learning and training, the chatbot is continually improved. It makes your business more accessible to customers, employees, members or users, 24 hours a day. Integrations also allow the chatbot to help create sales leads and streamline processes.

What can a chatbot be used for?

A chatbot can have multiple uses. What all these uses have in common is that they deal with repetitive work tasks and responding to questions. Using RPA and integrations, a chatbot can collect various types of information and perform simple tasks.

  • Customer service

    A chatbot functions as a round-the-clock support system. Whether it is interacting with customers, clients or users, it can help immediately answer questions about software and systems within different disciplines. Explain how things work and what to do when something isn’t working as it should.

  • User support & support

    Answer the most frequently asked questions and provides you with an overview of what these are, in order to improve communication on your website. A chatbot helps make it easy to find the right information quickly.

  • FAQ

    A chatbot can answer questions pertaining to any HR systems. Provide advice, information and an overview of relevant laws, rules and conditions.

  • Internal communication

    Teach new employees, either through training or by answering questions they may have about your business, so that they don’t need to contact their superiors.

  • Onboarding

    Convert users to customers by allowing the chatbot to sell and provide good information about your products or services. You can include offers and news, and use this channel to strengthen your brand.

  • Marketing and sales

    The chatbot contains knowledge within specific disciplines. Conduct training for employees, users, or members on topics about which they are uncertain or have questions.

  • Professional

    Make it easy to find comprehensive web pages. Gather the entire site’s content inside the chatbot and insert easily understood buttons.
    In this way, the user can read and navigate through everything within the chat window, in addition to getting answers to questions.

  • Website guide

    Make it easier to navigate on bigger websites. Gather all content inside the chatbot and add helpful buttons for shortcuts and dialogue flow. This way the user can read everything and get the information needed + answer to questions, all through the chat window.

Do you want the Chatbot to do more? There are plenty of possibilities; combine with Emailbot and/or Documentbot and custom build your Digital Employee to fit your business.

Customers Speak

“As our members work 24/7, a chatbot is a good supplement. With a chatbot from Simplifai, Nelfo got a solution that takes care of 24-hour communication. Simplifai gave us professional assistance on both content and solution.”

The benefits of a chatbot

A chatbot is an automated solution, but it requires maintenance and training. Some time and effort is necessary to develop a good robot, but there are many benefits. By allowing the technology to handle repetitive tasks and perform simple actions, this communication channel simplifies and improves the user experience while freeing up capacity.

  • Easy API integration

    Our solution is developed to merge with different functions and other softwares. You can easily put in desired functionalities with our connection and coordinate with your own systems.

  • User Friendly

    Our software, Simplifai Studio, is designed with care and intention of simplicity down to the very last detail. No coding or technical background is necessary to develop your own chatbot.

  • Unlimited Capacity

    The chatbot can handle unlimited users at a time. No waiting line, 24-hour access.

  • Increases Productivity

    Get things done, let the easiest, repetitive tasks do themselves. Set focus on other, more complex areas instead.

  • Gain valuable insight

    Learn more about our customers and target group. Follow the inquiries in our dashboard for organized statistics and analysis. Get valuable information to use for further development, based on extracted data.

Our features

Context understanding

With flexible context understanding, the chatbot can follow a conversation and remember what you wrote, even after slight digressions from the primary topic. The chatbot will understand the context if the customer writes something non-specific, such as “How much does it cost?” or “Where is it?”

context understanding


Improve the chatbot’s understanding and usability by allowing it to extract more information in the same message. ‘City’ might be one example of an entity. The chatbot can provide nuanced answers that are adapted to the respective city about which the user is asking.

entities example

Visuelt integrasjoner


Our solution focuses on the automation of tasks, and is designed specifically for integrations with other systems. With or without API, we can offer a complete solution with full support and assistance, in order to build good integrations. If this is not desirable, we can use RPA technology to give the bot access to your systems and the ability to perform tasks.


Synonyms simplify the training of the chatbot. For example, instead of having to write both training examples, “Can I talk to a human being?” and “Can I talk to a person?”, we input that person = human, so you only need one of them. You can also choose synonyms adapted to your company.

drag&drop responseflow

Conversation flow: ‘Drag & drop’

Our ‘drag & drop’ feature in the conversation flow allows you to easily move, sort, and restructure your responses. The location of the so-called nodes influences how the bot ‘thinks’. The order and way in which they are organised makes it easier to determine the correct response.

Some of our chatbots

Below are 3 examples of our pre-developed chatbots and a bit of information about their uses. These are ready for quick implementation to any website. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more, or to book a meeting.

Customer service chatbot

Our customer service chatbot is particularly developed for e-commerce websites. Based on a number of varied stores, it is fully trained to take care of the typical FAQs, and customer requiries as tracking orders, assist with payments, prices, shipping and delivery as well as returns and claims.

Telecom chatbot

Our Telecom Chatbot is trained to help both new, and existing customers. This way, it can work as an onboarding and customer support. It can answer questions about mobile subscriptions, pre-paid plans, data, reception + sign-ups or get help with invoices.

Want to know more?

Get in thouch to know what other bots we have ready for duplication. We’ve developed more bots for many different kinds of industries and purposes.

We look forward to hear from you!

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