from left: Stian Hovda Bergersen, Head of Sales Norway Simplifai, Daniel Kohn, CCO at Simplifai

Simplifai Hires Stian Hovda Bergersen As Head Of Sales, Nordic Region – Will Expand Sales to all Nordic Countries and Support Sales With Our Partners

As a part of the Nordic Sales region, Simplifai is delighted to hire Stian Hovda Bergersen as the Head of Sales. He will commence his activities from Simplifai HQ Office in Oslo and lead sales activities in the region.   As Simplifai continues to expand its team in different countries, it needed a highly experienced person with a background in sales, operations, and […]

Line Therese Jørgensen joins Simplifai as Head of Global Delivery – will upscale Product Delivery Services & Customer Success

Simplifai is excited to announce the hiring of Line Therese Jørgensen as the Head of Global Delivery. She will operate from the HQ office of Simplifai based out of Oslo and oversee the delivery of Simplifai’s products and services and their management all over the globe.   Line has accumulated more than two decades’ worth […]

Emailbot available at UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blueprism

Emailbot now available at UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blueprism Marketplace with Easy RPA/API Integration

Process automation has been around in the corporate world for quite some time and is evolving at a rapid pace with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in various industries. The Emailbot created by Simplifai is one such example of a powerful AI solution designed to handle a large volume of emails and read, identify, and interpret their content. Based on this interpretation, the bot can carry out […]

Henrik T. Klemetsen

Simplifai Hires Henrik T. Klemetsen to Lead Global Partnerships – Adds More Seniority to its Workforce

We are very happy to announce that Henrik T. Klemetsen has joined Simplifai as the Head of Global Partnerships. He will operate from Simplifai’s HQ office in Oslo and support all partner development globally.   Bringing in more than 20+ years of experience in the field of information technology and document management, Henrik will use […]

Simplifai enters the e-commerce market with Brandsdal Group

Simplifai enters online retail market through a contract with Brandsdal Group

Simplifai wins a landmark deal by agreeing to manage a project for Brandsdal Group. The group receives around 20,000 email inquiries every month and has an ambition of improving customer satisfaction and the overall pace of responding to these customer requests. To achieve this, Brandsdal Group will start utilizing Simplifai’s AI-powered Digital Employee technology, which […]

Simplifai enters strategic partnership plan for the Middle East with VAD Technologies

Simplifai has signed a long-term cooperation and development agreement with VAD Technologies (VAD) that has been designed to fast-track the market penetration of Simplifai’s AI solutions and lay the foundation for a permanent presence in the Middle East.   Simplifai has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with VAD Technologies (VAD), one of the largest […]

Simplifai documentbot

The new era of document processing is powered by AI: Documentbot for Businesses

AI-based automation has reinvented the core nature of work processes, further transforming how businesses operate and communicate with each other and their consumers. The advent of AI might not have been sudden, but rather has gradually seeped into different industries, promising immense growth opportunities for organizations. The application of artificial intelligence need not be only […]

Simplifai wins contract with Singapore-based Nevigate

Simplifai wins first contract in Singapore

Singapore-based Nevigate Communications Pte Ltd. select Simplifai to provide AI email automation solutions.   Simplifai will support Nevigate’s digital transformation project with automation of their customer inquiries and incident reports. Nevigate today receives around 40,000 emails that include customer service inquiries per month and most of these are projected to be handled automatically by Simplifai’s […]

Simplifai automates the national archiving of norway

Simplifai wins AI automation contract with The National Archives Services of Norway

Simplifai has won a contract with the National Archives Services of Norway. This is the first contract within the public sector, and it’s a great breakthrough for the company.    Together with Simplifai, the National Archives Services of Norway (NASN) wants to use AI technology to improve efficiency and eliminate the need for time-consuming manual […]

Simplifai AI technology for finds a perfect match in Simplifai

27 January 2021 – Simplifai AS, which is ELOP’s AI business unit, has won a breakthrough contract in the high-potential Indian market, landing one of India’s best-known Internet brands as its first customer in the country.   Simplifai has signed a contract to deliver its AI technology to The deal with holds immense […]