women's day

Simplifai on Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

Today on the 8th of March, we celebrate International Women’s day by taking a stand for equality. Our workforce comprises 35% women, and counts ten different nationalities, with offices in Norway, India, and the Netherlands. As an AI-company that is scaling globally at a rapid pace, we aim to keep our team equal, inclusive, and […]

Simplifai documentbot

The new era of document processing is powered by AI: Documentbot for Businesses

AI-based automation has reinvented the core nature of work processes, further transforming how businesses operate and communicate with each other and their consumers. The advent of AI might not have been sudden, but rather has gradually seeped into different industries, promising immense growth opportunities for organizations. The application of artificial intelligence need not be only […]

Impact of AI on Insurance Industry:

How is AI reshaping and impacting Insurance Industry?

AI programming that can think and learn like a human has become a trendy expression in the Insurance business. Today for the Insurance domain, AI can perform explicit assignments — like checking an insurance claim for fraud. However, people today or in the future will be fit for tackling complex issues and making decisions.  Artificial […]


The Why, What and How of AI

At Simplifai, we offer products that can solve several problems through automation in a great variety of work processes. When meeting a potential client, we make sure to ask, “what do you want to achieve?” before suggesting the tools. In this article, our Co-founder and COO Erik Leung present his insights which are the foundation of […]