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AI is just a (great) tool

Norway has finally published the national AI strategy, which leads the way for more companies on how to move further with the technology. As an AI company, it’s important to us that people understand the significance and the opportunities that lie ahead with this. To some, AI might seem like some abstract, scary, sci-fi-thing, –therefore, […]

Unsupervised training, why it would and wouldn’t work

When AlphaGo announced AlphaGo Zero in 2017, it took the world by storm. AlphaGo had already beaten the best of the world’s Go players and was now beaten by AlphaGo Zero 100 games to 0 after 3 days of unsupervised training. The victory of AlphaGo Zero over AlphaGo demonstrated the power and benefits of unsupervised […]

New upgrade for Simplifai Studio

The new Simplifai Studio has everything you need to build an advanced chatbot in 1-2-3 In order to meet the upcoming market demand for having helpful, conversational, integrated chatbots, we just recently launched a major upgrade to our platform, Simplifai Studio. With the new Studio, end-users can build advanced chatbots in a much shorter time, […]

Bilde av en en mac med skjermen ned, mange farger fra skjermen

The Why, What and How of AI

When I look back on our journey to secure funding, one of the most interesting encounters we had was with a fund manager from one of several venture funds we spoke to. Before we even sat down, he said, “If you are going to talk about AI, you can leave. Also, if you are going […]