What is a Documentbot?

Documentbot is a powerful tool that can open, read, and comprehend documents to extract key data for use elsewhere and send information or perform tasks in other systems. It’s also capable of communicating with the sender or to confirm the recipient of the case or request further details if the information is missing.

What are the benefits of a Documentbot?

  • Always available

    A Documentbot is always on call and works 24/7 with the tasks at hand.

  • Speeds up case handling

    It works faster and can handle more load than humans. The key is setting up the right tasks.

  • Consistent handling and replies

    It can handle cases based on rules set, which will be consistent. This will help in achieving a higher level of quality with lesser costly errors.

  • High Productivity

    Your productivity will increase as much as 5 times, and potentially more due to redesign of the process and better use of human intelligence.

  • Motivated Employees

    Your employees will be relieved of the repetitive tasks and the boring parts of case-handling work.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

    With faster process time, greater quality, and better-motivated employees your customers will be noticeably happier

  • Flexible features

    Ability to configure for each customer-process and workflow to achieve the desired functionality.

  • English & Nordic Languages

    Our bot supports different languages, and with a language engine that learns continuously.

What can a Documentbot do?

Documentbot comprehends content and performs actions. You decide what the Documentbot will analyze and what action it should take when, based on the ruleset. Below you will find an overview of what it can do.


Handle computer-generated or scanned documents.


Classify documents and extract key information for process automation.

Identify, interpret and understand

Identify with the help of keywords. Interpret, comprehend, and analyses your content to understand and learn its full meaning and purpose.


Archive the documents to the right place under the correct category in SharePoint or other document archive systems.

Execute & Dispatch

Execute tasks in other systems – get full automation from A to Z, including dispatch documents to colleagues.


Communicate with the inquiry sender to confirm receipt of information or reply if there are missing key information.

Do you want the Documentbot to do more? There are plenty of possibilities; combine with Emailbot and/or Chatbot and custom build your Digital Employee to fit your business.

What is the process of Documentbot?

To be able to handle the document correctly, the Documentbot analyses the content via multiple layers of understanding:

1. Incoming document

Documentbot receives incoming document.

2. Opening and reading content

On the receipt of the document, immediately opens it to read and understand the content.

3. Document Classification

Based on the content that the Documentbot has read, it classifies which type of document it is.

4. Data extraction

When Documentbot classifies the document, it extracts the relevant data from the document.

5. Evaluating result

After extracting the data from a document, the Documentbot will evaluate the data to perform the following actions on case to case basis:

  1. Upload the result to the CRM-system for further instructions and then notify a colleague.
  2. Send the result to a human colleague for manual handling.
  3. Archive the result.

Technical details

Product overall architecture

The bot is built with an AI-based NLU engine as a base. Documentbot supports English and Nordic languages (Grammar and Synonyms), and on top lies the different services that are integral to Documentbot.

The user-interface for classifying and extract information together form the document product.

Components of the Documentbot

All basic functionalities are included. We configure what data to extract from the document. Define what sorts of documents to expect and how to recognize and classify them.

We train and teach the Documentbot with existing documents, and connect the bot to the process, and facilitate its interaction with others.

Product Specification

Authentication Based on Identity server
Supported languages English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
Supported different mail interfaces Exchange Server, Gmail,(basically all email services with IMAP addresses), as well as file system
Supported external API services (Pre-configured) Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint
Classify and Extract of documents Understands which type of document, and extracts relevant information from each document type
Auto-tagging Bot-assisted Documentbot training
Supported Documentbot actions Call external API, Forward & Reply to emails. Actions based on inquiry type and information fetched