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Simplifai Emailbot technology is now in the bank sector

Simplifai’s new agreement with the Norwegian bank Landkreditt, opens doors for the company to enter the bank sector and is a new strategic breakthrough for Simplifai.   Bård Myrstad, CEO of Simplifai, says: “This is a strategically important contract as it verifies that our e-mailbot artificial intelligence solution meets the bank industry’s extremely high-security requirements and […]

Simplifai enters Denmark, partnering with TodAI (ECIT group)

TodAI AS – part of the ECIT group, sees great opportunities in the Danish market for AI automation with Simplifai’s Solutions. TodAI was established to help businesses utilize artificial intelligence easily and to derive value quickly. AI has reached the point where companies can use the solutions in their daily operations and exploit the benefits […]

Emailbot is now available in Freshdesk

You can now combine the cloud-based customer support software, Freshdesk, with our Emailbot. This means you can optimize your CRM and make your customer support more efficient by letting the Emailbot handle your inbox and ticketing automatically.    Emailbot streamlines ticket handling inFreshdesk as a cost and time-efficient solution. The Emailbot can send information to Freshdesk […]

Simplifai joins the Bytes CloudAdvance Program

Simplifai is delighted to announce a Partnership with Bytes. Simplifai has joined Bytes’ CloudAdvance program, a dedicated program for Microsoft partners building solutions in Azure, working to deliver the best in Cloud Optimisation and management as well as bringing new Cloud solutions to Bytes customers. This Partnership will allow Bytes and Simplifai to offer automation […]

Nelfo expands its automation further with Emailbot

The Norwegian National Association, Nelfo are now automating their first line support with both chatbot and Emailbot. Freeing up their Email-line as well saves them even more, time and energy.   What does the Emailbot Iver”do? The name “Iver” was given based on the Norwegian word “ivrig” which means eager, as in the bot being an eager helper to his co-workers. […]

Meet our new Senior Sales Executive

The days in Simplifai are hectic, and like our products, technology, and solutions are rapidly evolving, so is the need for our team to be. There’s no doubt that we had to get more hands and on deck for our busy Sales department. And we believe we’ve found a great match to fill the position. […]

The Why, What and How of AI

At Simplifai, we offer products that can solve several problems through automation in a great variety of work processes. When meeting a potential client, we make sure to ask, “what do you want to achieve?” before suggesting the tools. In this article, our Co-founder and COO Erik Leung present his insights which are the foundation of […]

Launching the first Emailbot in the Nordics

The launch of the Emailbot training interface will change the game of AI in customer service — forever. After over a year of research and development, we have finally cracked the code to build a tool so simple most people can use it. A tool yet powerful enough to tackle a majority of all incoming […]