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How do you get started?

Once you have contacted us about an e-mail bot, we will invite you to a non-binding meeting where we review the capabilities of the technology and discuss how the e-mail bot can best contribute to your company.

Step 1

  The first thing that happens is that the e-mail bot is implemented with the company’s systems.

  Upload your existing e-mails as training data.

  The bot trains itself and learns from existing e-mails in your inbox.

It is important to map out the needs – what the bot should be able to understand and what actions you want it to perform.

Step 2

Training via tagging

  To train the language engine, we tag the existing e-mails.

  We tell the bot the type and category of the e-mail, what intents it has and what kinds of entities are specified.

  Once it has been trained with a certain amount of data, the e-mail bot will be able to analyse, interpret and understand the content itself.

e-post tagging eks

Step 3

You determine the rules and the action flow

  Choose what the bot will do with the information. For example, forward the e-mail to the appropriate department or categorise it in a specific folder.

  Set the rules and conditions for what actions to take and when to take them.

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