Get to know Simplifai and see digital assistants at work

What is a «digital assistant»?

An introduction to the future of work:


Backoffice Assistent

Roger loves reperetive tasks and can be trained to execute a wide range of boring and time consuming task like:

  • Reporting

  • Processing emails

  • Case handling

  • System integrations

  • Back up and archiving


Customer support

With her pre-trained knowledge base Roberta can be a valuable colleague on your customer support desk.

Roberta is particularly found of:

  • Helping your customers out with routine questions and repetitive tasks

  • Error analysis and diagnosis

  • Predict errors


Customer Advisor

Rosy is integrated with your CRM system and can communicate with your customers for sales, support and marketing purposes. For example:

  • Follow up on sales processes

  • Product suggestions

  • Next best action suggestions

  • Omnikanal marketing