simplifai 2020 recap

Simplifai’s top 6 highlights of 2020

As we are closing in on the end of the year 2020, despite the challenges faced by other companies during the pandemic, we at Simplifai can look back on an eventful year of progress. 

This year, we have taken great steps towards the global market. We are starting to enable ourselves to deliver end-to-end Intelligent Processing Automation, with expertise in Natural Language Technology. Here we have gathered some of the highlights, main achievements, and milestones reached.


1. Launching and distributing the Emailbot


In March, we launched our most popular and central product, the Emailbot. We could proudly announce that this was the first Emailbot in the Nordicsand since then, we have received great responses. Emailbot is a tool that can handle and understand emails using AI.

One of the biggest breakthroughs we had with this product this year was landing a deal with the Norwegian bank, Landkreditt. This means that our AI solution meets the banking industry’s high –security requirements and that our product can be integrated into a bank’s complex architecture and IT set-up.  

The product has been well received. Some of our existing clients have added the module to their existing Simplifai product, such as Nelfo, combining it with their Chatbot for a comprehensive solution. And the Emailbot is now available in cloud-based helpdesk software, Freshdesk, and Microsoft Azure Marketplace.


You can read more about the Emailbot here. 


2. Team expansion entering the AI market in India and Europe 


Since the beginning of Simplifai, we have had offices in Pune India for most of our software development in addition to our Headquarters in Oslo, Norway. As the Indian AI market is huge and growing rapidly, adding to our commercial team in India came as a natural next step in our global strategy. In August this year, we expanded our Sales and Marketing department to Pune to help our further expansion in the Middle East and APAC region. 

In addition, we are expanding in Europe, with a base in Benelux, the Netherlands, as we are starting to establish our name in Western Europe. 


3. Global Partnerships


2020 has brought us many opportunities, and we are entering the new year with some great partnerships at hand. For us, partnerships are the key to establish a worldwide presenceAmong those who have chosen to join our journey are VAD technologies, our first partner in the Middle East, and Digital Workforce, an international leading IPA service provider 

The solutions our amazing team has developed, have led us to become a verified Microsoft partner and with this, we joined the Bytes CloudAdvance program, which is a dedicated program for MS partners building solutions in Azure.


Want to know more about our partnerships? Check out our new Partner page here. 


4. Nordic Partnerships


The Nordics have been an important region for us, and there are quite a few new good partnerships that we are proud to includeWith us, we have the Norwegian IT and Management Consulting company, Knowitwhich has market-leading expertise within Intelligent Automation. And we can mention a few well-known names (in the Nordics) such as Differ and Net Nordic, and some new-comers like the Danish company TodAI. 



5. Expansion of Digital Employee Flagship concept


Our Digital Employees can, to this day, deliver a 90% automation grade. With a modular approach, the Digital Employee is a standardized, easy-to-implement, off-the-shelf solutions adapted for many industries and job functions 

During this year, we have produced specific Digital Employees for Customer Service and Email dispatching that can be implemented and ready-to-go in weeks. For example, in the case of Insurancethere’s the Claims Coordinator who automates claims processing from inquiry to registering, verifying, reply, or request information.  

Read more about Digital Employees for Insurance here. 


6. New Owners


Then, the greatest milestone we saved for last. Last month, we could happily announce our new owners and partner, Elop. Elop is a Norwegian, listed technology company, and the acquisition is a big opportunity that benefits both parties. The partnership enables the acceleration of Elop’s development of data-driven services for monitoring and maintenance of infrastructure. And for us in Simplifai, this paves the way for accessing desirable growth markets.  

Read more about this here.



With this, we would like to thank all of our clients and partners who have helped Simplifai become what we are today, and this, despite a difficult time for many. We are looking forward to the coming year and are exciting to see what this one will bring.

We wish you all a safe and Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year! ⭐️


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