Simplifai Builds Relations Across the Globe – Creates New Businesses Opportunities Through Expanding Partner Base

Forming Positive Relationships 

Building trust and good relationships with partners form an integral part of businesses that look forth to establish themselves in new markets. Simplifai’s founders –Bård Myrstad and Erik Leung, believed in this philosophy right from the beginning when they founded the company in 2017. They identified the need for Simplifai to form strong alliances, preferably spread across geographies, and in different sectors. 

This made us explore domains in addition to our core targeted BFSI industry, thus increasing our overall business experienceWe are extremely positive and grateful for our presence in other markets that have broadened Simplifai’s partner portfolio and presence. 

Early Days of Building up a Distinct Character 

It all started when we signed up for one of our first deal– the launch of Chatbot “Ella” for the National Association Nelfo in 2019The subsequent success with our first client pushed us to explore more specifically on the partnership frontThe launch of Simplifai Chatbot on Microsoft AppSource in March 2020 was followed by the launch of Emailbot in May 2020. Riding on these milestones, Simplifai got listed as a Microsoft Partner on their Azure marketplace in early 2020. This helped us at Simplifai gradually build our presence through this online cloud platform and improve the company’s visibility across different territories.

Despite the need to sign up new partnerships as fast as possible, the initial groundwork took time, and it proved to be beneficial after three years. A key early partner success occurred in the form of KnowIt – a major IT and management consulting company in Norway, whose expertise lies in intelligent automation. This deal mainly involved Simplifai providing a solution for automated email and document handling to KnowIt, as the latter offers strong intelligent automation through Microsoft Azure. 

Soon enough, this early success transformed our reach towards other businesses such as TodAI in Denmark, with whom we signed up for our next partnership in 2020. This deal focused on the targeted BFSI sector, wherein TodAI planned to create a streamlined platform that offered process automation, document handling, and other off-the-shelf products. 

Recent Alliances 

In post second half of 2020, the pace of forming new partnerships picked up as Simplifai stabilized in three core regions of the Nordics, Mainland Europe, and the Indian Subcontinent. In 2021, we entered new markets in the Singapore and Middle East regions with two strategic partnerships. 

Thfirst one mentioned above in Singapore is with Nevigate – a telecommunications company. It will involve us handling incident reports and customer inquiries for them with the help of email automation. In the Middle East, Simplifai signed up a long-term deal with VAD Technologies who will promote our services through their channel partners. 

We recently signed up a strategic alliance with Brandsdal – a Norwegian online retail giant that deals with thousands of customer email inquiries every month. This e-commerce organization will make use of Simplifai’s AI-powered Digital Employees to automatically process the large incoming number of customer emails, followed by necessary actions. 

Entry into the Public Sector and Next Goals 

Simplifai recently closed one of its most valuable partnership deals – an agreement with the document management company Documaster. Placed as one of the top five Norwegian companies in the Financial Times List of FT 1000 in the tech industry, Documaster will include Simplifai‘s services for both private and public sectors. The deal includes two key municipalities for whom we will provide AI solutions for archiving building material, as well as for HR document management. An upcoming webinar will be organized between Documaster and Simplifai, to discuss more details about our AI solutions. 

Forthcoming Vision

It might have been a stroke of luck for Simplifai to enter partnerships in different industries including the targeted BFSI domain. Such a diverse portfolio can very well supplement our vision towards a fortified global expansion in the coming few years. 


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