Now everyone can receive effective customer service 24/7 – every day of the week

Imagine that you have received an item in the post about which you wish to complain. You don’t have time to deal with it during business hours, and the afternoon disappears in a hectic blur of chores, dinner preparation and housework. It’s only when you collapse onto the sofa at 21:00 that the opportunity presents itself. The customer service centre is closed.


Simplifai has been working with artificial intelligence since 2017, and has developed a digital employee for Claims Link, a claims settlement company.
Now Simplifai is set to develop their next digital employees in collaboration with Loyalty, a company specialising in the outsourcing of customer service. Loyalty’s customer service will soon be supplemented with digital customer service employees who can chat, read e-mail and handle customer enquiries far more quickly than is currently possible, and at all hours of the day. These digital solutions can be used in any industry, and will be able to contribute more services, greater cost efficiency and better service for the user.


“As a consumer, you can take advantage of the chat function at all times, and the digital employee can understand both e-mails and attachments received by the company. The total automation of the providers’ own systems will also be part of the solution, and the digital employees can thus also lighten the workload for the providers’ own employees.”

— Daniel Kohn, Commercial Director, Simplifai


Many believe that customer service must be handled internally by each individual company. Loyalty has extensive experience in the outsourcing of customer service, and knows that this is not the case. As an established industry player, they have extensive experience in providing customers with the right customer service. Now that they are adding a digital customer service employee to their team, they can offer their customers fully automated customer service. This will contribute to tremendous streamlining and savings, not to mention providing excellent service to consumers.


“As a provider of Norway’s best customer service, it is very important that we keep up with trends and technology that can make our services even better. With this partnership, we can offer new and existing partners the best of both worlds – professional customer service expertise and artificial intelligence and automation. The ability to train and maintain the robots of a provider such as Loyalty will yield the absolute best conditions for the optimal utilisation of a technology such as this.

— Christian Habbestad, Adm. Director, Loyalty Customer Service AS