New upgrade for Simplifai Studio

The new Simplifai Studio has everything you need to build an advanced Chatbot in 1-2-3

In order to meet the upcoming market demand for having helpful, conversational, integrated Chatbots, we just recently launched a major upgrade to our platform, Simplifai Studio. With the new Studio, end-users can build advanced Chatbots in a much shorter time, and not only will the bot answer simple questions, but it can do a whole lot more…


Our 4 main new functions are:

  1. Response flow with drag-and-drop functionality
  2. Entities understanding
  3. Out-of-the-box API connection
  4. >Context understanding in dialog

These new features, combined with already existing features such as Norwegian synonyms and market-leading NLU technology, make our Chatbots one of the best among the Chatbots available in the market today.

1. Response flow with drag-and-drop functionality

Our team always strives to provide the most user-friendly interface for building a bot, with the boxes and arrows layout, users can easily see how the dialog is conducted by the bot. With the drag-and-drop functionality, it will be much easier to adapt the chatbot conversation to your needs.


2. Entity understanding

Having entity understanding is becoming a must for Chatbots today. “Can you tell me about this camera” and “Can you tell me about this camera lens” should not be interpreted as two different inquiries, when in reality it is the same inquiry with a different object. With entity understanding, we can now provide a customized answer based on the object in question (in this case, camera and camera lens). At Simplifai, we take this feature one step further. Combining entity understanding with the next feature is when true magic happens:

Entities example


3. Out-of-the-box API connection

The ability to provide the answer for the Chatbot is no longer enough, as people are starting to have higher expectations. Being able to combine the Chatbot with a backend system is what truly makes the chatbot useful. The majority of chatbot vendors provide API connections to back-end systems as a costly implementation project, here we are offering API connection as out-of-the-box functionality. Without an implementation project, users can build chatbots that fetch the customer information from their CRM system, register inquiries in case handling systems, or fetches internal inventory or product information to provide the necessary assistance for customers.

Our definition of a chatbot is a bot that not only chats but also is capable of resolving customer inquiries. Having the standard out-of-the-box API connection will save customers of integration projects which usually run for 6 to 12 months and cost from hundreds of thousands to several million NOKs.


4. Context understanding in dialog

To make a conversation more human-like, our product team has built it within the response flow for the chatbot to “remember” topics that were mentioned within the conversation. The result will be like the following:


Eksempel på kontekstforståelse


With this, chatbots built with our Simplifai Studio tool will provide what is needed to satisfy end-users. It will give an impression of being more human-like, offering a greater user experience and helpful functionalities, following our vision:


“The new version of the Simplifai Studio will allow our partners and customers to build chatbots that are really useful and can solve customer inquiries without a huge investment.”, says Erik Leung, COO of Simplifai. “

Our aim is to start the transformation in offices through bots to automate tasks. Our newest Chatbot is just one example of what we are capable of.”


You can read more about our Chatbot here, contact our sales representative for more information or book a demo, or you can click the button.


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