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Meet Lise Fimreite Simensen, our new Senior Business Developer in Oslo

We are proud to announce that Lise Fimreite Simensen has joined us as a Senior Business Development Executive in the Oslo office. With her 15 years of experience in the digital media landscape, Lise has worked for several international brands such as Google, Opera Software, and QXL Ricardo Group. She has also proven to be an excellent entrepreneur. In 2014 she […]

Nelfo kommer igang med e-postbot

Landsorganisasjonen Nelfo automatiserer nå deres førstelinje support med e-postboten “Iver” som skal ta seg av mange av deres innkommende e-poster.   Ved å automatisere denne prosessen, vil svartiden reduseres betraktelig og ansatte vil slippe å måtte bruke tiden sin på å svare på de samme spørsmålene flere ganger om dagen. Isteden kan man legge inn automatiske svar til henvendelsene og […]

Meet our new Senior Sales Executive

The days in Simplifai are hectic, and like our products, technology, and solutions are rapidly evolving, so is the need for our team to be. There’s no doubt that we had to get more hands and on deck for our busy Sales department. And we believe we’ve found a great match to fill the position. […]

Simplifai and VAD Technologies announce partnership in the Middle East

Oslo / Dubai, 26th July 2020. Simplifai, a leading vendor of business process automation solutions, is delighted to announce its entry into the Middle Eastern market through a strategic partnership with VAD Technologies. As part of the agreement, VAD will promote Simplifai’s solutions through its extensive network of channel partners across the Middle East. This […]

How to enhance your RPA-project with email automation

In Tuesday’s webinar, we talked about how to integrate Simplifai’s Emailbot with RPA, and in that way, take your RPA project to another level. Emailbot can read and process most email inquiries thanks to our market-leading AI engine for email understanding. Combined with a userfriendly interface and out-of-the-box integrations, Emailbot can easily integrate with RPA […]

Launching the First Emailbot in the Nordics

The launch of the Emailbot training interface will change the game of AI in customer service — forever. After over a year of research and development, we have finally cracked the code to build a tool so simple most people can use it. A tool yet powerful enough to tackle a majority of all incoming […]

How is the Digital Employee, Sødde doing at work?

Our Digital Employee, Sødde, has been employed at Claims Link for nine months. By taking care of first-line support customer service and emails, Sødde has now reached a Senior position. Once a year, the company runs an employee performance interview, and being a robot is not an excuse to skip.   What is Claims Link, […]

Månedens Events: Februar

Hva skjer i Simplifai denne måneden?   Vi fortsetter å rulle ut nye funksjonaliteter og produkter. Våre utviklere jobber på spreng for at vi skal ligge foran i teknologi og kunstig intelligens. Etter å ha lansert E-postbot og chatbot, fortsetter vi å forbedre de, og plattformen vår Simplifai Studio  Denne måneden kjører vi på med […]